Spin the discuss of self-realization

Baba says, ‘spin the discuss of self-realization constantly‘. This will help you nip devilish sanskars.

In the epic Mahabharata, Krishna is shown with a discuss (Sudarshan chakra) that he sends to kill his opponent by cutting off their head. Here, Baba says, there is no question of violence against anyone. Instead, I spin the discuss of self-realization (swa-darshan chakra) – this is not a physical chakra or discuss. Rather it is an awareness of who I am throughout the cycle.

Spinning this throughout the day in my intellect ensures Maya cannot survive in front of me no matter what form she takes.

Sometimes, Maya comes in the form of waste thoughts. I have a few minutes of free time and I find that my mind starts to create waste thoughts about someone or something from that day or that week or even from years ago. Let me be alert to recognize that this is Maya trying to waste my time, energy and take me off course. When I spin the discuss of self-realization and it immediately reminds me of who I am, the present time and my purpose. And it gives me the courage and strength to nip that chain of waste in the bud.

At work, I see someone have a clumsy moment – they say or do something that is rude. In the past, my reaction might have been to say something back or at the very least judge and create critical thoughts in my mind. The thing though is that these unspoken thoughts do travel and reach the other person. They sense the strong negative energy and that only makes matters worse- they become even more rude or get defensive. Instead, now when I spin the discuss of self-realization, I remember that I am originally a peaceful and loving soul and that I am now studying to return to that state again. Immediately, my awareness shifts from being critical to compassionate. I see a person in pain, dealing with something in a clumsy way and I help by sending them peaceful, good wishes.

I work hard on an idea and I present it to the team. A few members offer a different perspective, they think we should modify a few things about it. In the past, I would feel a warm rush of blood to my head- ‘who do these people think they are!’, ‘look at them, they show up to a meeting and think they know it all’, ‘they didn’t lift a finger but they are great at offering opinions’, ‘this is my idea and it is great as is’…. but now, because I am spinning the discuss of self-realization, I remember that I am Baba’s angel, that I am His instrument. I am detached from all ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and so I offer the idea and detach myself from the ownership. I am happy to incorporate other points of view and make the idea richer. I also don’t wait or expect praise or applause. I just play my part and leave.

Sometimes, I am having a bad day or find myself in a phase where it seems that nothing I do works. It seems that others are moving forward and I am stuck….Maya is quick to create deceptive webs to make me feel hopeless and disheartened. Spinning the cycle allows me to see my entire journey. I don’t take sorrow or feel dejected based on a few isolated scenes of my story, I see the full story and realize how elevated my destiny is….this too shall pass. It has to!

Baba is here to transform the old world to new, from hell to heaven. He has described heaven to us – there we are free, peace is the only religion, sorrow is non-existent and happiness and prosperity are abound.

The basis for all of this, He tells us, is purity – in thoughts, words and actions.

The good news is that it is not something new I need to learn. It is in fact innate to me. It is who I am – a pure soul. I just happened to have collected some dirt and dust along the way…it has been a long journey! So, all I do is wash off the dirt and dust by spinning the discuss of self-realization and through His remembrance. In other words, I remember who I am and connect with my Father.

In addition to helping me nip the old sanskars in the bud, spinning the discuss also has other benefits – it makes me happy as I remember my elevated destiny that I am reclaiming, it makes me peaceful and content. It reminds me that this is a cycle- everything new has to become old….and then….new again. This is the ‘new again’ part of the cycle…this is the ‘reclaiming my lost sovereignty’ part of the cycle. And that’s not even the best part!! Guess Who becomes my Companion on this leg of my journey!

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