Who is teaching you?

Baba says, ‘remember Who is teaching you‘. When you do, you cannot help but have goosebumps of happiness.

God Himself is teaching you and making you into the masters of the world. Do you have this intoxication, asks Baba. People in the world speak about the university they attended, the degree they earned and who their teachers were with a lot of pride. Baba says, here you study the most elevated study to become the master of the new world, at the Godly university and from God Himself. Can any other study or degree hold a candle to this? If one had faith in the fact this, then they would prioritize this study over all else, He says.

Do I have faith in this study and in the One that is teaching me?

Some children say, I do attend the Murli each morning and I enjoy it very much. But then I also visit the temple and read the scriptures. They think they are covering all bases- that way they keep all the deities pleased. This is not faith. When you find the One, the search ends. Can there be anything above God? Is it wise to confuse myself and have my resources and energy scattered between multiple beliefs and systems. Or am I better off following God’s direction? Is there anyone that I could trust more? Even Christ, Guru Nanak, Abraham and all the other great religious founders always pointed to the One. They too remembered Him but here we are remembering them. When I have direct access to the Source, the Seed, why should I remember anyone else? I certainly maintain a lot of regard for these great souls but I remember God.

All human beings are body conscious, says Baba. None of them have this knowledge. If they did, their behavior, mindset would reflect that. They would be teaching it to others. But it takes God to come Himself at His time in the Drama to teach His children the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle; to teach us about the Creator and His creation. Only He knows the truth because only He is in constant realization. He, unlike us souls, never comes into the cycle or birth and death and is therefore beyond the influence of Maya or the elements. He never forgets. Some children like to read and quote the great philosophers like Tolstoy or others but Baba says, none of them have this knowledge. 

Sometimes, we listen to other speakers in the world who are great presenters and we are mesmerized by their oratory skills or their personalities. We start to value them and what they say even more than Baba. Our yoga is with that soul rather than with the Father. We then allow our faith to be shaken and ask: ‘but how can something like this be true’? ‘how can heaven ever exist on earth…’, ‘Purity makes no sense, so and so said….’ We forget Who is teaching us! We listen to human beings who are limited by their tiny, narrow intellects, by their logic. Baba comes and makes my intellect broad and far-sighted.

Sometimes, we are mesmerized by the oratory skills of other Brahmins too. You forget the One that gave them the knowledge, the One who is teaching them, He reminds me. Then, when we see them make a mistake, which they inevitably will given they are students too, we feel let down or disappointed. Remembering other souls creates a karmic account with them and this is not the time to be creating fresh accounts; rather this is the time to settle. Besides, so much time is wasted when I could be experiencing the companionship of God Himself. This is the only time in the whole cycle that I get to learn from God directly, that I get to experience His guidance, His friendship. Do I want to deprive myself of this?

We listen to the people in authority – to their assessment of us. They tell me that I have to show ‘force’, that I have to demonstrate the ‘killer instinct’, that I should be seen with certain people, live a certain way etc. We remember what Baba teaches us about the right way to live but we rationalize: ‘we do have to make compromises to live in this world, Baba understands…’. Then, when we inevitably lose our happiness and self-respect pretty quickly on that path, we call out to Baba. Did I remember Who was teaching me?

It all comes down to faith, He says. Do you believe God is the One teaching you? If yes, then you wouldn’t be able to stay a minute without the study. When you realize that these are the invaluable jewels that will transform me into the master of the new world, that this is the path to happiness…you would not think of even looking anywhere else, He says. You wouldn’t mix the dictates of your own mind, of other’s minds into Shrimat. It’s like little children who feel safe only with their parents, they don’t want to hold anyone else’s hand because they don’t trust anyone else. It’s the same here- God is my Father, He is my Teacher and He is my Guru. At this point in the cycle, He is the ONLY one who knows and is Truth. And He is teaching me what to do. Full stop.

* Correction posted 8/14/20. An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the religious founders as messengers. God tells us that souls like Christ, Nanak and Abraham cannot be called messengers because they do not come bearing the message of God. He Himself comes as The Messenger with the message – it is now time to return home.

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