Nothing new

Baba says, ‘you are a mahavir‘. You know you have been victorious every cycle.

A mahavir (great hero) doesn’t get afraid of test papers or upheavals that come their way, they have the awareness that they will be victorious. They don’t call out to God for mercy or ask for blessings or power. They don’t even say: ‘show me the path..’, they know.

A few things make one a mahavir.

First of, I don’t dislike being here. I do acknowledge that the old has become old, impure and degraded. Souls routinely give and take sorrow, betray each other and themselves, spend their lives hustling and feeling left behind. But this is my world, the one that I helped my Father, God, establish a long time ago. It is now in the grips of Ravan. A hero doesn’t turn up their nose and say: ‘I hate this place and the people’. They serve in the midst of impurity by becoming pure themselves and inspiring others through their example.

God says, I am so happy to come here after a whole cycle! I come to meet My children who have become dirty, to clean them up, decorate them and take them back home with me. Then, they become masters of the new and colorful world. He is the purest Soul who comes to the most impure world and yet, He is happy.

He says: this is nothing new.

No one has bigger ‘obstacles’, so to speak, than God. He comes to find not only a world in tatters but also His children have completely forgotten themselves and Him. If I were to put myself in His shoes even for a second, I’d be stressed beyond words, anxiety ridden and panicked. But He has the constant awareness of the three aspects of time – the beginning, middle and end. He knows how we got to where we are and how to return back. Most importantly, He knows that this has happened every cycle, that He has come every cycle, that these very children have worked with Him to transform the world. He knows this AND He has told me this.

A mahavir would also have this awareness like the Father, none of this is new.

This situation, this crisis, this person creating the obstacle, my own sanskars that seem hard to change, this illness….none of this is new. It happened exactly like this every cycle. And every cycle, I made it through. I will do it again. I may not know how exactly just yet, I may not have a plan, it may all look impossible but I KNOW the story – I make it through.

Let me not be overwhelmed or disheartened. Let me look again at God’s example. He tries every single day but if I was to look at things through my body conscious vision, I’d assess that He doesn’t always get results….some days, He tells me to do things and I do the exact opposite. He cautions me of something before hand and it’s like it fell on deaf ears. Now multiply that with a million souls. You’d think He’s be depressed! But no. He says: what happened today was good and it was the exact same thing that happened a cycle ago. We did it then, we’ll do it again. Keep trying.

He, trusts the Drama. Let me do the same. Then, I will also remain happy.

I also trust myself and my partnership with God. I am a powerful soul and I am the child of God Himself. I am not just His student or a co-operative soul but a child. I have within me the knowledge that God has and all the powers He has. I don’t need to go to Him to ask for this power or that virtue. I don’t have to ask Him for how to handle this little thing or face that situation. He has taught me and continues to teach me even before I ask. I have faith in the fact that I have everything I need within me and His company.

Sometimes, the fear in the atmosphere around me can try to influence me. I might catch myself playing out worst case scenarios in my mind. This is Maya trying to weaken my resolve. These scenarios almost never come to pass and it is a myth that I am ‘preparing’ myself. All I am doing is living every day in fear and weakening myself. When I am indeed faced with an event, let me have the faith that I will know exactly what to do to face it. I have been studying and equipping myself. I also am not alone, I am not meant to take this journey alone. God, ShivBaba, is my Father and my Partner. He is right there, leading the way and guiding me at every step. Let me ALWAYS remember that He and I are combined. Let me NEVER make myself alone.

So the trick is, Baba says, to be aware at all times of who you are and of the cycle. Then, no matter what comes before me, because I am already in the right awareness, the situation will not appear big or scary. It will seem familiar! I will remember clearly that I’ve done this before. There is no spinning of waste thoughts, wasteful words or actions. No wasted energy. I will remain calm and act.

You and I have been through this countless times, says Baba. There is nothing to worry about. It’s nothing new!

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    Very very useful posts for purusharth. Thank u my baba and Baba’s family

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