The Innocent Lord and His innocent children

Baba says, ‘I am the Innocent Lord‘. I am your Customer, He says, I have come from the supreme abode. I take everything old you have and give you everything new in the new world. This is why He is also called the Bestower, only He does altruistic service.

When Baba comes at the end of the cycle at this confluence age, He finds that His children have become innocent too…but the wrong kind of innocent. We have forgotten who we are or Whom we belong to. We have fallen prey to Ravan and Maya and forgotten the difference between right and wrong, true and false. We then call out to Him to come and liberate us from the sorrow we have caused ourselves.

He comes into the impure world and enters an impure body. He is so innocent! He only has good wishes and pure feelings for the souls. He doesn’t come and turn up His nose at the sight of the world. His happiness at being here and meeting His long lost and now found children is genuine. He isn’t trying to put up a good face while internally rolling His eyes about how silly we are or how slow we are or how something else we are. He doesn’t simply call me His child, He is my Father and fulfills the relationship.

When I mess things up, He has an easy nature, He does not get angry. He wants to help me. Human beings can often say things we don’t mean or put up a pretense. We often spot flaws or shortcomings before we spot a single specialty. Baba is so innocent, He only sees specialties.

It doesn’t mean He is ignorant and has no knowledge of right or wrong. Innocence is not naivete. He sees and understands the wrong but chooses to focus on the positive and uplift souls, naturally. The vices don’t influence Him and cause upheaval. In addition to being Knowledgful, He is also the Almighty Authority, full of all the powers. So when I am clumsy, He naturally tolerates, He naturally accommodates. It is not an effort and He does not get frustrated after the 100th time and ask: ‘how come I have to tolerate this behavior every time. Enough is enough!’. I am not an imposition, I am His child. He is not doing me a favor, He loves me. He is happy doing what He is doing.

Baba comes and gives me the nectar of knowledge too and says: ‘drink this nectar and leave the poison of vices‘. Only the Innocent Lord uplifts ones with the stone intellects and those without virtues. He gives us our inheritance of the kingdom of heaven.

Even deities cannot be called the Innocent Lord, only the One Father, ShivBaba, is the Innocent Lord. It is remembered that Sudama gave two handfuls of rice and received a palace in return; but for how long? Not for a few years or even for that birth but for 21 births! No one else can make such a guarantee, He says. He doesn’t just tell me a nice story, the Father truly does come and gives His children palaces studded with diamonds and jewels. In return for what? everything of the children that is old and useless. He is altruistic, He expects no credit or praise. He has no hidden agenda, He is pure.

Innocent means constantly to have an easy nature, to have pure feelings and honesty and cleanliness in both your mind and actions, He says. Such innocent children who are like the Father, attract the Father, the Innocent Lord, to themselves. ‘I love My innocent children so much‘, He says. ‘I constantly continue to turn the beads of the rosary of your virtues’.

Don’t become naive by making mistakes as a result of being under the influence of body consciousness. Become an embodiment of power so that Maya cannot oppose you. You have to remain cautious, careful and clever, He says. Let me check my attitude as opposed to critiquing the attitude of others or blaming the ‘negative atmosphere’. No matter what the atmosphere is like, Baba says, the powerful attitude of the self is able to bring about transformation in the atmosphere. If the atmosphere influences your attitude, then this is being naive.

To the extent that I am an embodiment of knowledge and the powersto that extent I am innocent. God loves innocence.

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