This is the story of Bharath

Baba says, ‘this is a story of 5000 years‘.

Long, long ago, about 5000 years ago or 3000 years before Christ, there was the undivided, unshakable kingdom of happiness and peace of the deities in Bharat (India). There were no other kingdoms at that time. Heavenly God, the Father, established heaven. Bharat is said to be an ancient land where gods and goddesses used to rule. It is said: Goddess Radhe and God Krishna. Radhe and Krishna, or Lakshmi and Narayan, existed in the golden age. Then, there was no other religion but peace. That was called the sun-dynasty kingdom. There were only a few souls, about a million in the kingdom, all other souls were in the land of liberation or the soul world resting until it would be their turn in the imperishable Drama. This kingdom lasted for 1250 years and then Lakshmi and Narayan transferred it to their brothers, the warriors, and their kingdom then continued.

Thus began the moon-dynasty kingdom and the silver age. Rama and Sita existed in the silver age. The transfer of kingdom was peaceful, there was no war. This period also lasted 1250 years. More souls came on to the stage at this point to enact their parts taking the count to approx. 3 billion souls by the end of this period. There is the mention of 3 billion deities in the scriptures. But while Lakshmi and Narayan and the souls of the golden age were called deities, the souls of the silver age were called Kshatriyas. This is not because they were warriors then, but rather because they were warriors now, in the confluence age.

God comes now and tells us souls the story of our past, present and future. He teaches us the study to reclaim that inheritance. Those who had studied well i.e. conquered the vices and became carefree emperors in the midst of the impurity became part of the sun dynasty. Those who failed i.e. spent time battling the old world and the sanskars, going up and down in their stage, were named warriors.

Baba says: remember Me and you will be absolved of your sins. You have to conquer the vices. The Father has issued this ordinance: Those who conquer lust become conquerors of the world.

When the silver age ended, it was the end of the kingdom of God, it was the end of religiousness, of virtues, of righteousness, of peace, of oneness. Later, after half the cycle, the same souls that ruled with purity, peace and love fall on to the path of sin. There are their images on the walls of some of the old temples: the features are those of deities but the rest is not. The kingdom of Rama (God) and the kingdom of Ravan are half and half.

Slowly things got worse and worse. Having forgotten who they are and Whom they belonged to, having been taken over by the vices, souls made up their own rules and each one had their own opinion of right or wrong, of what was true or false. There were debates and arguments where once there was clarity. There was anger, manipulation and hate where once there was peace and love. There was the attachment of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ where once there was ours. Where there was one religion of peace, the innate quality of the soul, there became many religions, beliefs, customs, caste, creed, race, nationality etc. New souls coming down from the soul world to play their part also steadily increased. They were welcomed into a chaotic world.

Baba says: You know that this is the land of falsehood. It became the land of truth 5000 years ago when the deities ruled there. Then, the people of Bharat were the masters of the whole world. They are not that now. You are now becoming the masters of the world once again. In the golden age, there was the kingdom of the World Almighty Authority. It is not that now. The Father says: I am establishing that once again. All the other religions based on body conscious beliefs will end.

This is the real Satya Narayan katha or the story of the true Narayan, explains Baba. This is the story of Bharath. Here’s to the future, to the new world, to happy days once again. Happy Independence day!

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