Become a charitable soul

Baba says, ‘become a charitable soul‘. This is the only time when you can make the effort to become that.

A pure and charitable soul means a soul who makes every thought charitable, who makes every second count toward the Father’s task – establishment of a new world, one of peace and happiness.

Every soul, all of us, have two accounts we accumulate into – one of charity and one of sin. For the last half of the cycle, I have accumulated sin. Because, as Baba reminds me, any thought, word or action based on body consciousness is sinful. My every thought and second accumulates in my account of charity when I live my truth, that is, when I become soul- conscious.

To be a pure and charitable soul means to be a great donor who accumulates in his account of charity by giving some or other treasure. So, not only do I transform myself but I serve others. But here’s the good news, I don’t have to do anything special to serve. My very existence will become a means of service. How?

Because, my eyes constantly reveal the image of God and my face constantly reveals God’s character. My awareness is as powerful as the Father’s. My words are always jewels of knowledge; they are always invaluable. My actions and behavior are always equal to the Father’s. My attitude is constantly that of a world benefactor, like the Father. I am a benefactor at every second and in every thought. With compassion, I serve to remove the darkness of sorrow and peacelessness from everywhere.

A pure and charitable soul would use his own treasure of charity to enrich other souls that are struggling, that are searching, seeking. There is a lot of strength in even one act of charity of a charitable soul who is an embodiment of knowledge, because that soul is a charitable soul on the basis of receiving Godly power directly. There is a difference between being a charitable soul acting on their own power – they already does a lot of good in the world but it is still limited. The power increases multi-millionfold when I have the knowledge – when I know who I am. Because then, every thought, every word, every second counts.

The thoughts of a pure and charitable soul are like a spiritual magnet that can attract other souls to spirituality. The thoughts of a pure and charitable soul are like a lighthouse that can show the true destination to souls who are wandering around. The thoughts of a pure and charitable soul are such elevated weapons that they can release tied and bound souls from all their bondages and set them free.

A charitable soul constantly considers the self to be a bestower, a child of the Bestower. He remains beyond any desire of temporary attainment from any soul and even beyond taking anything from anyone. Such a soul doesn’t have limited desires such as: ‘let them give something first, then I too will give something’, ‘when they do something, I too will do something’.  Because of being a child of the Bestower, he would be a charitable soul who gives everyone love, co-operation and power.

A charitable soul would give others the experience of happiness, the Father’s love, supersensuous joy and a spiritual life full of bliss through his every word.  His every word would be the nourishment of happiness. Every deed of a charitable soul would be such that they enable all souls to receive co-operation.  On seeing the actions of this charitable soul, every soul would experience receiving co-operation in constantly flying ahead.

When I am a charitable soul, my every thought, word, action…my vision, my face and attitude will serve and radiate a sense of brotherhood, of belonging, of hope and the message of a new beginning. That’s not a bad thing to be….especially at this moment in the story of our communities, our countries, our world.

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