A loving intellect

Baba says, ‘a loving intellect is victorious‘. A loving intellect means to constantly experience the love link with God. In order for me to experience an unbroken link with God, I need to have a loving intellect with myself, with others and with the Drama.

Sometimes, we have a hard time loving ourselves. I love Baba and I want to be all that He wants me to be. I raise my hand to help with His unlimited task of world transformation. Then, at every step I look at myself, judge myself and because I am not where He would like me to be, I reject myself. When I am soul conscious, I remember that I am not alone on this journey. I remember that God, the Purifier, is in charge. All I have to do is step out of my own way and co-operate.

When I have a hard time accepting myself, I automatically have a hard time accepting others. I judge and reject them in the same way I judge and reject myself. When I think of myself as the body, I see differences in everything – how we look, where we are from, status, title, roles etc. There is judgement, criticism, comparison, competition, jealousy….but when I think of myself as the soul, I only see sameness. We are all brothers, children of the same Father. We have all been on long journeys and are all seeking the same thing- to be the best we can be, to be helpers in His task. That awareness immediately emerges a feeling of love, of compassion, of unity.

Sometimes, we think the Drama is determined to keep us down, no matter how much we do, it’s like we can’t catch a break: ‘why does this happen to me’. When I am soul conscious, I realize that Drama is neutral, it does not take sides, there are no good scenes or bad scenes and it certainly isn’t trying to play ‘gotcha’. Even though I think the current situation is unfavorable, perhaps a door was closed, but in time, I will come to see that in fact this was favorable, that it enabled me to be creative, to do something I would otherwise never have thought of. Every scene offers me something that will help me in my journey if I am humble enough, aware enough to see and accept it.

Sometimes preferences get in the way of my connection with Baba. I am so attached to a certain way to life- what I eat, what I wear, how I look, how I do something etc. that I am absorbed in ensuring things are according to my liking. Sometimes, I even have preferences about who should read the Murli: ‘what can this young, inexperienced teacher teach me?’, ‘I like so and so…’, ‘I don’t like so and so..’. Let me check my priority: is it the Murli or the one who is reading it? is it spending time with God and on my spiritual growth or banalities?

Sometimes, I have a hard time letting go. Someone said or did something and I can’t move past it. For as long as I hold on, I am disconnected from Baba because God is extremely subtle. If I have other matters in my awareness, then He slips away.

So let me check myself- am I inadvertently trading off my fortune, an elevated destiny, companionship with God Himself for a grudge, preferences, jealousy and competition? Am I binding myself in chains rather than freeing myself?

To have a loving intellect is to have a faithful intellect- faith in myself, in my elevated destiny, in my fortune and in the Fortune-Maker, in the Drama, in the family. To have a loving intellect is to experience a sense of peace, a calm, a contentment with the self and with others. I don’t battle with old sanskars anymore, rather I observe them without shame and dissolve them in God’s love. To have a loving intellect is to trust. It is not you vs. me, rather us – children of One God, working toward one goal. To have a loving intellect means to have all my relationships with God. To have a loving intellect means that I imbibe the knowledge- make my every thought, word, action…my very attitude loving, like God’s.

To have a loving intellect means to claim victory by claiming the right to my inheritance- of liberation, peace, happiness and to do so while experiencing a constant closeness to God Himself.

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