A faithful intellect

Baba says, ‘have a faithful intellect‘. The sign of a faithful intellect is victory. No matter what the circumstances, a faithful intellect is always victorious.

There are four aspects, Baba says, that qualifies an intellect to be called faithful.

Faith in the Father: whatever He is, however He is; to understand the shrimat Baba has given in the way that He has given it, accurately, to accept it and to follow it using the right method. We say to Baba: ‘I am Yours; whatever I am, I am Yours.” but Baba asks: ‘is Baba yours as He is and whatever He is’? If yes, then I should be following His Shrimat accurately without mixing into it the dictates of my own mind. We hear what He tells us and then think: ‘yes, being loving and benevolent sounds good but it doesn’t work in the real world. People take advantage of your goodness…here, one needs to be shrewd’. Would that be called faith?, asks Baba. Some souls even doubt that God could be teaching His children through the medium of Brahma: ‘we don’t believe it’. God is extremely subtle and so a body conscious intellect cannot recognize Him – it looks for and only understands gross things. When I am situated in my truth of being a soul, I don’t need to see, I realize, I experience.

Faith in the self- that I am a soul and in my elevated fortune- with complete elevated self-respect; to accept it. My Father is the Supreme Soul, God Himself. I have within me all the virtues and powers that He has. It is my inheritance. He is the Almighty Authority, so am I- a master almighty authority. But often, we forget who we are and as a consequence, overcome by self-doubt. Then we go into: “I don’t know why it’s like this’, ‘I don’t know what my fortune is’, ‘I don’t know if Baba will help me or not’, ‘I don’t know if this will work or not’. Baba says, ‘remember who you are and Whom you belong to’.

Faith in the family: to know the elevated Brahmin family accurately, using the right method, to accept it and to be part of it. Sometimes we say: ‘ Baba, I recognized You and I came because of You. You are mine and I am Yours and that is that. I didn’t make a contract with this Brahmin family. The Brahmin family brings about conflict. You are okay, but it’s difficult to get along with the gathering. It is easy to get on with You.” When I accept myself, I accept others. When I am situated in my consciousness of the soul, I see others as souls too…on their own journey. I realize that we are all working toward the same goal, are children of the same Father. I appreciate the sameness and there is brotherly love.

Faith in the time: to recognize that this is the most elevated and auspicious confluence age, the most important time in the entire cycle, to accept it and to move along with it. Most of us underestimate the auspiciousness and importance of this time – this is the only time in the entire cycle that I have the knowledge. This is the only time I have to do what I need to do in order to set myself up for success for the entire cycle. This is the only time I have the companionship of God Himself- He becomes my Teacher and Guru. When I forget this, I think a few wasted minutes here and there don’t matter. I forget that those few minutes cost me a lot of wasted effort and loss of happiness. The more time I lose, the longer it takes to get to my destination….and if I’m not careful, it may be too late.

These four aspects are the pillars of the foundation of faith, says Baba. If you have faith in one but the other three aspects are weak, the foundation will still shake and there will be upheaval, He cautions. So let me check today, do I have firm faith in all four aspects? If I do, then I am already victorious.

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