He is Karankaravanhar

Baba says, ‘a new world cannot be established through inspiration‘. He is Karankaravanhar – One who acts and inspires others to act.

To have an inspiration means to have a thought- it’s if I said, ‘I feel inspired to read that book’ or ‘I feel inspired to visit the museum’. To feel inspired to do a task is one thing but a world cannot be established through inspiration or mere thought. For that, you need words and action as well.

God comes at the end of the cycle when the world is completely degraded, when souls are in the depths of ignorance. We have forgotten who we are and Whom we belong to and we call out for liberation from sorrow and pain. Baba says, ‘I feel inspired to come to the world at this time in the cycle and meet My children‘. He comes when it’s time for His part in the Drama, when His children call out for help.

He comes to transform the world that has become old into new again. One cannot do such a big task through mere inspiration. Baba comes and teaches. He reminds me of who I am and tells me that I belong to Him. He tells me about Himself, gives me His introduction. He tells me about the world- how it used to be and shares His plan to return it to its former glory.

He then invites me to help Him in His task – the world transforms when you transform, He says. He then gives me directions, Shrimat, about how to think, speak and be. He teaches me manners, talks to me about protecting my attitude..the whole nine yards. Yours is an elevated destiny, He reminds me, touch base with it.

At every step on this journey of transformation, He becomes my Guide and guides me. As my Father, He loves and cares for me. As my Friend, He listens and offers His advice. As my Companion, He stands by me no matter what. He fulfills all my relationships. At the confluence age, God is present. He is no longer just in the soul world, He comes to this physical world and becomes accessible to me. He doesn’t just sit up there and watch His children wander, He comes to where I am and is an active part of my life.

Baba says, ‘I work through My children‘. He is Karankaravanhar.

Let me always remember this truth when I experience heaviness or arrogance or insult- the three doors Maya most frequently uses to disrupt my life or service.

When I get into one of those zones where I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders: ‘I have to do this…’, ‘I need to get that done…’, ‘they are all counting on me to deliver this…’ etc., let me remember, He is responsible. It’s His service, He will get it done. I am just an instrument. He will show me the way and give me the tools I need to ensure that whatever needs to get done is done. All I am ever responsible for is to follow His Shrimat, to be the person He wants me to be. He is Karankaravanhar. That awareness immediately makes me feel light.

When I get into the zone where I feel mighty in the wrong way: ‘I did this…’, ‘this was my idea…’ etc. or when I feel like I wasn’t given the opportunity ‘I deserved’: ‘why wasn’t I placed in front?’, ‘why did they say that to me?’, let me remember that I am the Father’s helper, He is in Karankaravanhar. Then, there is no question of either arrogance or feeling insulted. I trust.

They say I am omnipresent but if I was present within each one, why would you need to call out to Me and why would I need to teach you anything?, He asks. I am not within you, I am present with you as your eternal Companion. Don’t separate yourself from Me.

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1 Response to He is Karankaravanhar

  1. Eva says:

    Spiritual enlightenment is not an easy journey. It takes time and dedication. Thanks for sharing.

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