The Drama is accurate

Baba says, ‘the drama is moving along accurately‘. Whatever part is to be played at any specific time, it will repeat accordingly.

‘I come when you have become completely degraded. Just as the drama is acted accurately, so I too come at My accurate time. Whatever part is to be played at any specific time, it will be repeated accordingly; there cannot be the slightest change in this’, He clarifies.

Sometimes children wish they had come earlier in the Drama, or wonder why they came when they did. It is like a musical piece in the orchestra. I cannot ask why Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 has the instrumentation that it does, why it starts with the strings etc. It’s how the piece is…just because a specific instrument comes at the beginning, doesn’t mean it’s more important than something that enters mid-way. Thinking about it that way is in fact body consciousness, it reflects a lack of understanding, takes the enjoyment out of it.

The fact of the matter is that an orchestra works when the various instruments enter and exit at the right times, then there is magic, there is harmony. That’s what people enjoy. They don’t judge how many minutes the violin played, they enjoy how well everything worked together.

In our story, it starts with the world being heaven, there is only one religion..peace, there is happiness and prosperity all around. Only a few souls open the show…then as the drama progresses, these souls start to lose their power even as new souls come in. The world is getting older, more souls, more opinions, more differences, there are fights, arguments, wars…sorrow. Souls cry out for help…they take to bhakti. That gets them more sorrow, not less. Then, at the end of the cycle, God comes to take His children back home.

That’s the story, the musical piece…not right or wrong, that’s just how it is. When I see it that way, I enjoy it. Just as it makes no sense whatsoever to ‘correct’ Beethoven’s symphony, it makes no sense to ‘correct’ the Drama.

Everyone is a unique actor, no one can play a different role, a violin cannot become the drum! And why would I want to? I play my role as best I can..I remember my cues, pay attention to my lines and play my scenes. The point is not to be louder, taller or have more screen is about making every scene that I am in memorable by playing my part well. When I trust the Drama, I look at the big picture, the full story and I want the story to work..not just my bit.

Baba says, ‘bhakti is night and knowledge is day‘. Yes, but you do need both night and day. It’s just how it works. I cannot just have day all the time. So, as He also says, then was the time for bhakti, now is not the time for bhakti. Again, no sense in speaking ill of bhakti…it was in the Drama. I did that then, now I don’t. Now, I have found Baba, understood the knowledge, my search and calling out has ended.

Some ask: why did God come so late? If He had come sooner, perhaps a lot of bad stuff could have been prevented…Once again, going back to the musical piece, it’s not His time. He comes when the world is completely degraded, when the religious founders have tried and failed at rescuing the world, He comes when religion itself becomes degraded and there is complete darkness. He comes to recreate or transform the old world completely and return it to its lost glory. That’s His part. So how can He come when the world is not degraded yet?

Some then ask, but what about all the temples that were looted? Shouldn’t God have stopped them from looting His temples? He says: No. It is not my part in the Drama. He never forgets Who He is and what His part is. He doesn’t get involved with fighting looters, bringing the dead back to life, making astrological predictions etc. He is God, He is the Ocean of Knowledge, He is the Purifier, He is the Liberator….that’s His part, He plays that.

And He teaches us through His example to also remain in our self-respect. Remember who I am and play my part – I am a soul, a peaceful, loveful, knowledgful, powerful soul, His child. When I forget, I mess up my scene. But that’s okay too, says the Unlimited Director of this Unlimited Drama. Those mistakes are part of the Drama too. Then, when the penny does drop and I have a particular realization, I look back and think: Ah! if I only knew this back then, I would never have done that thing. Well, again, everything is happening on schedule. To be able to appreciate the truth, I need to have passed through the false. That’s the beauty of this time! I can see the contrast- the old and the new, the false and the true. I won’t see this at any other time in the Drama.

Now is the climatic moment in our symphony- when all the souls are on the stage, when God is here, when nature is in upheaval. Let me remember to observe it, enjoy it even as I play my part in it. It’s a play, remember?

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  1. Eva says:

    Surrendering to God, knowing my purpose and finding the piece of the puzzle which completes the picture makes the Drama timeless. Good read.

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