Master Adi Dev

Baba says, ‘you are master Adi Dev‘. Always consider yourself to be a master Adi Dev, the child of Adi Dev, an original jewel, as you perform every action and you will receive the blessing of being powerful.

Brahma Baba is the great-great-grandfather of the entire tree. He is Adam, Adi Dev, the original father of the souls of the corporeal world; this is why he is the great-great-grandfather. ShivBaba, the incorporeal Father, created Brahmins through corporeal Brahma and it was only then that there was the creation of the imperishable yagya through Brahmins. Father Brahma, together with Brahmins, became the instruments for establishment.

Therefore, together with the life-story of Father Brahma there is also the life-story of the brahmins. There is importance of both Adi Dev Brahma and the master Adi Devs in the establishment of the yagya.

‘Do you have so much intoxication?’, asks Baba. You are with Brahma now and you will be with him in the future too. When you have this awareness, you understand the value of your life because the original jewels are God’s jewels, they are so valuable, He says.

As I understand the value of my life, I understand my role as an ancestor soul. As master Adi Dev, as a master great-great grandfather, that is, as an ancestor soul, do I feel responsibility to sustain souls as well? or do I think this is something that only Brahma Baba can and should do? Additionally, do I feel responsible for the whole world or just a few selected souls?

Fill souls with all the powers you have received from the Father‘, says Baba. Whichever power a soul needs at any time, sustain that soul with that particular power at that time. 

At the present time, there is upheaval in the world. My duty then is to fill souls with the powers of peace, tolerance and courage. ‘Become a lighthouse‘, He says, ‘and give everyone the light of peace‘. For this, I first need to make my own stage elevated and powerful so that I can radiate to others the power and confidence needed to go beyond situations.

I need to become an embodiment of the awareness that the Father has given me, not just speak the words. I need to feel it deep in my bones, so to speak. God says I am His jewel, what does that mean? Let me remember each title given to me: He says I am the ‘light of His eyes’, what does that mean? What specialty is that referring to? Let me become an embodiment of it and experience it. Along with the titles, let me also experience the forms and the virtues. Let me be aware of the elevated task and the home.

When I remain in the awareness of these various aspects, I become aware of and adept in the art of living a life of happiness filled with joy. I receive power. I become free from the wasteful, trivial, petty and the mundane. I raise my consciousness and become an angel, free from the bondages of the old world, ready to help the Father. Father Brahma became the first angel, a sample for me to follow.

You are a special soul‘, Baba reminds me. You are the souls of the beginning who are helpers of Adi Dev Brahma, you are the ancestor souls who are the foundation of all souls, you are the souls who constantly have the elevated attitude of unlimited service for all souls, you are spiritual social workers.

Let me always remain in this intoxication for then, I will also receive power to be able to shoulder the beautiful responsibility.

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