Purity is the mother of peace and happiness

Baba says, ‘purity is the basis of peace and happiness‘. It is the foundation, it is the mother of peace and happiness. Where there is purity, there is automatically peace and happiness.

Let me check myself today: do I experience being an embodiment of peace and happiness? or does it come and go? The difference is purity.

If I still create waste thoughts, then instead of peace, there is upheaval. There are many questions of ‘why?’ and ‘what?’ and I have an increasing need to understand and analyze: ‘this shouldn’t have happened!’, ‘this should have been like this, that should have been like that..’, the intellect is constantly asking and trying to solve many questions. Therefore, there is peacelessness, an inability to concentrate leading to a lack of happiness.

Baba says, ‘purity is the specialty of Brahmin life‘. You have left the shore of the old world. Let me check: have I?

If I am still looking for my place in the old world- name, status, title, role, then I will always be peaceless and unhappy. And we often carry this hustling into Brahmin life as well. We crave approval, praise for being a ‘good yogi’, a ‘serviceable soul’, we want our name to be called out, we expect to be on stage…the list goes on. Sometimes, we are trying to solve the question: ‘what is my role?’, it’s as if we expect someone to come and give us a written job description. This is not Brahmin life, says Baba. This is the life of a warrior- always battling, struggling, solving.

Baba says, ‘you now have the knowledge of who you are, your original form of a pure soul‘. Let me check: do I have faith in the knowledge?

Those who have faith in their intellect experience everything to be easy, says Baba. Their searching, wandering, battling and all the associated confusion is finished. I let go of the old world and it’s ways and keep my vision on my elevated destiny. I see my whole story by spinning the discuss of self-realization. I experience peace, contentment and happiness.

In addition to faith in the elevated destiny of the self, a faithful intellect has faith in the the Father and in the Drama. The sign of having faith in the Father is that I follow His Shrimat accurately without mixing the dictates if my own mind into it. I realize that His directions are a canopy of protection as I make my way on the spiritual path. It protects me from my tendency to fall into the the traps of Maya as she tries to drag me back into the old world. I realize that His directions are His love for me and I follow it with love, not out of compulsion.

I also realize that Drama is on my side. It is making me into an authority of experience. It brings me face to face with the impurities within me so that I can wash them away in the alchemy of God’s love. It is designed to make me powerful to rise above the impurities and say:’ I don’t want this anymore’, ‘this is not who I am’. But when I think of Drama as an opponent rather than an ally, I say: ‘this situation made me say this or do this’, ‘their behavior was so negative, I had no choice..’ etc.

Baba says, ‘don’t be naive‘. A child of God can never say that a situation or someone’s behavior made me do or say something. ‘Your pure attitude has the power to change the atmosphere and even matter‘, He says.

Purity is not becoming a monk or a recluse and moving away from the old world to the mountains or the jungle. That doesn’t count. Purity, be Baba’s definition, is to remain in the midst of impurity, in the midst if the situations and behaviors of the old world, and serve it. It is about making my thoughts, words and attitude so pure and powerful that nothing in the old world can influence it. I don’t imbibe the weaknesses of others or reflect their behavior back to them…rather, I influence and purify the old world. I enable others to experience peace and happiness through me.

Become a searchlight, not just a light‘, says Baba. You have to become a constant embodiment of peace and happiness and also enable others to experience the same.

When I become pure, I have clarity with all the clutter gone. ‘The form of a very clear soul is constant cheerfulness’, says Baba, ;because then, no vice can disturb you’. Situations will still come but now, they will appear like toys for you to play with. A problem will appear like an ant under the foot of an elephant, He says.

I am a pure soul, a child of God. Let me always keep this fundamental truth in my awareness such that everything I think, say, do…my attitude, my vision…is all a manifestation of that purity. Then, just as a child runs to its mother, I will have peace and happiness run to me.

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2 Responses to Purity is the mother of peace and happiness

  1. Eva says:

    In yearning to get to know oneself one must go into the depths of the soul. There the true self is found. Purity is the mother of it all. Om Shanti

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