Claiming an elevated status

Baba says, ‘you have to make effort to claim an elevated status‘. Those who accept the Father’s introduction will all go to heaven but not everyone will attain an elevated status.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle and gives me the knowledge – of who I am, of Himself and of the world cycle. I had forgotten that I am a pure, peaceful soul…a child of God and had become trapped in body consciousness. Because of this fundamental falsehood, everything about me- my thoughts, words, attitude, feelings, actions, sanskars- all became false.

Baba comes and makes me belong to Him. I no longer feel orphaned. I no longer feel anxious and fearful. I no longer feel a need to hustle, to fight and elbow my way to secure a place in the world. I no longer cause myself and others sorrow.

‘You belong to Me‘, says the Father. I have come to liberate you from sorrow and take you back home with Me. Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone, He says. I transform this old world and make it new, I establish heaven, the land of happiness for you.

By remembering Him, I will become pure and go to the land of happiness but to attain an elevated status, I need to make effort.

In the world, they say that when someone dies in a battle, they go to heaven. Baba says, only you children know what heaven is. You are now on the battlefield. When you die on this battlefield, you will go to heaven. Look how important this battle is!, He says. No one can go to heaven by dying in any other battle.

The battlefield I am on is within me and my battle is against Maya. When I die here, I die alive, says Baba. I die from the old world by letting go of the body consciousness, the falsehood, the wasteful…everything that brought sorrow to the soul and embrace Baba. ‘You give yourself a new life‘, He says. I stop the sabotage that caused me to lose my dignity and self-respect and pay attention to my Father.

He gives me Shrimat- the elevated directions for this new life. That includes a direction for literally the whole day from the moment I wake up to when I go to sleep. He teaches me my manners, how to think, speak, act, eat….essentially, I have to replace all the wrong stuff with the right. Then, I transform from impure to pure, from degraded to elevated. He teaches me to realize my true self and claim my elevated destiny.

‘Only follow my Shrimat‘, says Baba. He shows me the way, it is up to me to follow it. If I do, I give myself the tilak of sovereignty, I claim my full inheritance, my elevated status.

So what is an elevated status? Self-sovereignty. I become the master of myself.

For this, I pay attention to all the four subjects- I understand the knowledge and imbibe every point of the knowledge with the power I gain through remembrance. By doing this, I make myself serviceable.

My physical and subtle organs work according to my order- my hand doesn’t automatically raise itself and hit someone. My mouth doesn’t automatically say the wrong things. My eyes and ears don’t automatically see and hear the wrong things that bring my stage down.

My mind is in my control- it creates the right kind of thoughts, the elevated kind based on the realization of who I am and the knowledge that Baba has given me. My intellect is clear and connected to Baba, receiving His directions, His guidance. I am not confused about what to do, why something happened etc. I am faithful with faith in myself, in Baba and in the benevolence of the Drama. I am not shaken by a situation, influenced by the atmosphere or by someone’s sanksars.

I live in the corporeal but am not pulled by it. I am not stubborn about anything – I don’t have preferences for people, material things or for tasks. I believe in simple living and high thinking. My awareness is such that even the most ordinary task becomes elevated. I am compassionate toward myself when I make mistakes- I realize I am a work-in-progress and so don’t reject, blame or shame myself. When I accept myself, I am able to also accept others and uplift them. Because of this attitude, I am able to avail of all the opportunities that come my way, learn from them and make progress in my spiritual journey. I don’t allow the ego or carelessness to hold me back and cause me a loss.

I don’t have subtle dependencies or the desire to be respected and appreciated, I don’t crave approval and feedback. I don’t base my self-worth on outcomes, I base it on the realization of who I am. Because of this, I always have zeal and enthusiasm irrespective of what happens. ‘The Father’s task is my task’, that’s what I believe and I give it my all. I know that He will get everything done, I simply co-operate. I experience His companionship rather than hardship or effort.

Baba is my Father, Teacher and Satguru. As my Father, He says: become serviceable and benevolent. As my Teacher, He says: study well and gallop ahead! you are to receive the scholarship of heaven.

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