The soul is NOT the Supreme Soul

Baba says, ‘consider yourself to be a soul and not the Supreme Soul‘. When you consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father, your sins will be absolved.

This unlimited Drama is the interaction between the souls, the Supreme Soul and matter. The soul is not the Supreme Soul. There is only One Supreme Soul, He is called God. When souls say that they are the Supreme Soul, they neither know the soul nor the Supreme Soul. The praise of the soul and the Supreme Soul are different. Each soul and the Supreme Soul have their own well-defined parts in the Drama.

Baba has explained: ‘Consider yourself to be a soul‘. I am a soul and am acting through this body. I have taken multiple births through the cycle and have had a different body each time. At the end of the cycle, I the soul have become impure having fallen into the trap of the vices. This is why I am call out to God to come and make me pure and liberate me from the sorrow and suffering caused by the vices. If the soul were the same as the Supreme Soul, then who is calling out to whom?

Baba says, ‘no one knows me until I come at my own time and give my own introduction’.

He explains: while you come into the cycle of birth and death, I, the Supreme Soul remain beyond. This is why He is ever pure, unadulterated, uninfluenced by the vices. He is also the only One in constant realization, He never forgets the story of the beginning, middle and the end of the cycle. He comes and reminds me of who I am, gives me His introduction and relates the story of the cycle to me.

The Father says: ‘I have come to make you pure from impure. Repeatedly remember Me’.

Sannyasis have said: You and I are all God. Wherever I look, I only see You. They consider this to be their faith (bhavna) but Baba says, ‘there is no benefit in that‘. You have to become soul conscious, He says, consider God, the Father, to be teaching you souls. By giving me His introduction, He is enabling me to change my sanskars. It is the soul that carries the sanskars. 

The Father says: ‘I am the Seed of the human world tree. I am the Living Being, the Truth. Souls too are living. Souls do not die’. I, the soul imbibe this knowledge.

So then, it does not make any sense when some say that the soul is the Supreme Soul and that the soul becomes merged in the Supreme Soul. Because, if this were to be true, then the soul would cease to exist and as Baba has explained, souls do not die. They are imperishable. Not a single soul can be destroyed. Souls simply become impure and tamopradhan and the the Father makes souls pure and satopradhan. The whole world has to become tamopradhan and it then has to become satopradhan. The Father has to come to make the impure world pure. This Drama too is therefore, imperishable.

People say that souls are immune to the effect of action because souls and the Supreme Soul are one and the same. Baba says, ‘one person said something and everyone began to follow him. You have to use your intellect and judge for yourself‘. The Father explains: ‘I am the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul and am immune to the effect of action. That is, I am not at all affected by happiness or sorrow, or by bitter or sweet things‘. God doesn’t find anything sour or salty but we souls do say that such-and-such a thing is sour or sweet. So how can anyone say that they are immune to the effect of action?

God says, ‘only I am free from any effect of those. I am the Ocean of Knowledge‘.

When I think that I, the soul am immune from the effects of action, I become careless and lazy and give up all accountability for my actions. I think I can do whatever I want, good or bad, doesn’t matter since it has no impact on the soul. Life is eat, drink and be merry..I think. This is what causes the downfall of the soul from it’s seat of self-respect. By thinking, speaking and performing actions that are misaligned with my original truth, my sanskars, I lose dignity, become diseased and sorrowful. This is why Baba repeatedly says, every single day, ‘consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father alone’.

I even accept that God is my Mother and Father but when I then say that the soul and Supreme Soul are the same, I lose that relationship, I lose that belonging, that protection. I become an orphan without a parent to guide me or show me the way. But when I realize the truth and consider myself a soul, a child of God..then, I become an heir, I receive an inheritance.

Then, there are others that consider the brahm element, the home, to be the Supreme Soul and they say of themselves: ‘I am the brahm too’. But Baba explains, ‘how can anyone have yoga with the home? Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says.

It is sung that souls and the Supreme soul remained separated for a long time. He is here now. He comes here face to face and says: You are souls and I am the Supreme Father of you souls. Now, remember.

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