Becoming an instrument of peace

Baba says, ‘you are the instruments to establish peace in the world‘. Therefore, you must not become peaceless.

Many think peace is about countries not going to war with each other or that its about there not being riots or some other form of gross violence. But when we reflect on our own experiences, we realize that in fact peace is about so much more. Today, there is peacelessness in every other home- families have trouble getting along, there are fights and arguments at home, at work, on the road…. Essentially, there is peacelessness everywhere at both micro and macro levels.

So, well meaning people hold conferences and seminars to plan for peace. There are peace marches, there are speeches given. There is a lot of effort, a lot of running around.

Baba reminds me, ‘peace is your innate nature, it is the religion of the soul‘. To experience peace, therefore, all I have to do is…quite literally…be myself. There is no need to run around.

When I situate myself in my true consciousness of being a soul and see others as souls too, the differences between us disappears. All of us are a point of light, children of the same Father. There is brotherhood, there is sameness. This is why, Baba says, there can only be peace in the golden age, in the new world because there, everyone is naturally soul conscious.

At this time in the world cycle, we are at the confluence – of the old world and the new world that God is here to establish. It is the same world that changes from new to old and then new again. When I look at the picture of the cycle, the confluence age appears tiny – it is, in terms of duration but not in terms of the task. In this tiny sliver of time, God transforms the old world into new., from hell into heaven, from impure into pure, from completely peaceless to completely peaceful. It is as if He turns the world on it’s head, right side up.

When you change, the world changes. When you become peaceful, the world becomes peaceful, He says. ‘You are the instruments to establish peace and so you must not become peaceless yourself’.

I become peaceless when I slip into body consciousness – then I only see differences. This leads to waste thoughts of I and mine, of comparison and competition. I start measuring self-worth based on bank balances, status, title and position. I attach myself to people and things to feel fulfilled. The more I chase, the harder it seems to get. Life becomes a constant hustle filled with manipulation, betrayal and one upmanship. My thoughts, words and actions are so misaligned with my original values of the soul that I become a different person….little surprise then that I would feel peaceless. And peaceless souls cannot live in harmony, there is too much stress, anxiety, fear and insecurity.

When I am peaceless, my family is peaceless, my community is peaceless and my world is peaceless. Peace has to start with me.

Remember who you are’, says Baba. When I don’t, I punish yourself.

Many think God punishes souls when we make mistakes. God does not punish His own children, we do that ourselves. In fact, the very reason He is here is to show me the path such that I break this cycle of sorrow. And so that’s the thing….I had been punishing myself for half the cycle already but now after coming to Baba, the punishment is a hundred-fold. Why? because I know better now. Because I have the knowledge now of who I am, of right vs wrong. I cannot deny what I know to be true and so when I go against what I know, I pay dearly. God is not Dharamraj, my conscience is.

Effort is to pay attention to my inner workings. Is it aligned with my values? is it according to Shrimat? It is to check myself and then quickly move to change- I don’t dwell on a defect nor do I put it off, I change. When I do that, when I bring change, I build self-respect, I build spiritual power, I let of of the fear, the insecurity and the anxieties. I become aligned with myself again.

The sound of people wanting peace in the world has become loud now…it is because, peace is being established now, explains Baba. When I taste even a little bit of true peace, when I experience it, I cannot imagine living without it. The soul recognizes it’s original nature, it demands it.

Let me become a true instrument to bring about world peace, to help my brothers. Let me help my Father in turning this world on it’s head during this short confluence age. All I have to do is be myself and allow my original fragrance of the soul to spread out into the world.

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