The call of love

Baba says, ‘you are now claiming the full inheritance of love‘. While claiming this and making effort, you will become lovely. 

Knowledge might open the intellect but to experience love and become an embodiment of love, I need remembrance. To belong to the Father means to be loving and to be lost in love, to even have tears of love. Throughout the whole cycle, I can never receive God’s love from anyone else. No matter how nice someone might be, there is always a good/better/best. Only God’s love is pure. Only His is a selfless love. God’s love is the basis of this elevated spiritual birth.

I called out to Him for half a cycle, God’s love is the visible fruit of that calling. God’s love is the alchemy that heals wounds and gives the donation of a new life. If there isn’t God’s love, life is dry, joyless. God’s love is what brings me closer to Him, it makes me feel that He is my Companion, with me every step of the way. God’s love frees me from laboring and teaches me to trust in the benevolence of Drama.

God’s love easily enables me to forget the consciousness of the body and the attachment to material things for fulfillment. I don’t have to renounce automatically falls off when I experience the elevated attainment. God’s love is the key to all of the Father’s treasures, because love makes me into a soul who has a right, an heir, a sovereign. It, therefore, also makes me fearless..there is fear only in body consciousness because I am constantly afraid of losing any of my many identities or dependencies. When I am in the awareness of a soul, I already have all that I ever wanted through the Supreme. I have the inheritance of love.

But I only claim it fully when I am able to become an instrument of love, like the Father. When I don’t use the Father’s treasures, I lose it.

Baba says, ‘you are the lovers who have called out for the One Beloved‘. From the face of the lover, only the face of the one he loves is visible. That same light will be visible in my eyes and there will only be words of love for that person emerging from my mouth. The picture of love is visible from my every activity. In other words, my thoughts, words, actions, my face, my behavior all reflect the Father. The old sanskars will not be visible. Only He will be visible. Others will see the Father in me.

In Bhakti, bhagats sing praise but they don’t have as much love for Him because they have no recognition of Him. The Father has given me His introduction, that He is the Ocean of Love and that He is making me into an ocean of love. That starts by being soul conscious. Then, I only see sameness- I see everyone as children of the same Father, my brothers and sisters. I see beyond the acquired iron-aged sanskars, I see the original being. This is the power of tolerance. Where there is love, there is tolerance- the ability to see beyond the defects and short-comings, to have good wishes and pure feelings.

Those who dislike others are iron-aged residents of hell‘, says Baba. When you give others sorrow, you experience sorrow first. Only when I have love for others, can I truly become a helper of the Father in establishing a new world of love.

Baba says, ‘I am the Seed of the human world tree’. The knowledge of the whole tree if merged in the seed. And so by having love for the Seed, I become automatically loved by all souls. In other words, by understanding His knowledge, by being in His remembrance, my imbibing the divine virtues, I become one that is able to make other souls happy. Just as my Father can understand what’s going on in my mind- my struggles and all- from my face and my words, I become able to understand my brothers and sisters. When I am unable to see underneath the exterior that I fall prey to misunderstanding, experience sorrow myself and gives others sorrow too.

Human beings are calling out for help while being in a deep sleep of ignorance, says Baba. The call of love is for me to become an embodiment of truth, of light…for me to become the angel and by revealing the Father, become the instrument of liberation for my brothers and sisters. Let me check today: how deep is my love?

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