Become holy

Baba says, ‘you become holy in the confluence age’. To be holy is to be pure.

People in Bharat celebrate the festival of Holi where they celebrate by throwing colors on each other. Baba says, ‘for you children, the entire confluence age is a celebration of Holi‘. Here, I color in the Father’s company. In doing so, I become like the Father, that is, I become holy (pure) for all time. By raising my awareness from the limited to the unlimited, I become pure.

The confluence age is the time where I have enthusiasm for becoming pure.

In the world, people have festivals or celebrations to create a happy mood for a limited amount of time whereas I have a celebration for all time by becoming pure which is the birthplace of happiness. Baba says, ‘purity is the mother of peace and happiness‘. Without that foundation, any happiness I might experience is based on something external and it is therefore, temporary.

When I become holy or pure, I don’t have to create a mood, it automatically forms and remains forever. When I have a holy mood, I am light, carefree and experience myself as constantly full of treasures. I hold on to nothing external and so I have no fear of losing anything, I have nothing I depend on. I experience myself as self-sovereign, someone who is in control of my stage, of how I feel. All the mood changing finishes and I celebrate an eternal festival with the Father.

To become holy or pure, I first burn, then celebrate and then meet.

I burn all the old, useless stuff..the impurity of the vices that I picked up on my journey. I burn it in the fire of remembrance- the fire melts away the alloy and leaves just the pure gold behind. In other words, I stabilize myself in my own truth- of being a pure soul. Only when I have the consciousness of a soul can I connect with the Supreme Soul and color myself in His colors – of knowledge, of happiness, of love. Then, while experiencing this Godly intoxication, I forget the awareness of the body, the awareness of differences, the awareness of being senior or junior and I only have the awareness of the form of the soul.

I see everyone as my brother souls- I see sameness, all children of the same Father. I feel love and I spray everyone with the colors I have been colored in through the Father’s company.

In the world, people spray color with a spray gun. Here, Baba says, my spray gun is my divine intellect which is filled with imperishable color of the various experiences of the Father’s company. Through this spray gun of my intellect, through my drishti, through my attitude and through my words, I am able to influence other souls with the color of this company so that they too become holy for all time.

While the worldly people celebrate Holi, you make everyone holy’, says Baba. You make every day into a holi day. 

Unlike the physical colors that are thrown during the festival, this spiritual color is not something I want to wash off. In fact, it is such that I want to be constantly sprayed by it and spray it on others. While there, people may be afraid of the color going into their eyes etc., here when they are sprayed with the spiritual color, they would say, “Color me as much as you can – the more, the better!. And this isn’t a celebration restricted to one day a year…it is all the time, all yearlong.

When I am colored by the colors of the Father’s company, I become equal to the Father. There are no more questions of ‘why?’ or ‘what?’, there is no analysis or battling, I am stable. I become light, I become an angel- an instrument to serve the world. I become one who is constantly merged in the love of the One, that is, I become One who is constantly celebrating a meeting with the Father.

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