Going to the land of happiness

Baba says, ‘the Father is giving everyone the inheritance of peace and happiness‘. You must now make effort to go to the land of happiness.

Baba explains that there are three lands: the land of happiness, the land of peace and the land of sorrow. This is the land of sorrow. Here, all souls and the elements are impure. No one even remembers the pure world or the land of happiness. Then, there was just one undivided world – one Bharat and only one religion – peace. People want peace in this world but Baba says, no one can remain in peace here. There are way too many differences, too many opinions…zero oneness. This, Baba says, is not the land of peace.

That is the incorporeal world from where we come, the home, the land of sweet silence. There is nothing but peace there. The golden age is the land of happiness – there I stay in purity, peace and happiness. There is no upheaval there.

Now, the Purifier comes to establish the land of happiness. This same world that is now the land of sorrow is transformed into the land of happiness. This world which is now hell, becomes heaven. Only God can enable this transformation through the transformation of souls and the elements. He does it by teaching us Rajayoga- this is the study through which I claim my sovereignty.

It is only when I claim my self-sovereignty can I be truly happy. Baba says, ‘the differences between the sovereigns of hell and those of heaven is like night and day‘. In the world, people become ‘kings’ through many different ways- some pay their way to fame, others donate and have their names on buildings, have entire cities named after them. Others hustle through life to ensure they climb the ladder…irrespective of what the means might be, they all make the soul more impure. Many in the world claim to have knowledge- academic or within religion, the knowledge of the scriptures. But not only does the knowledge not enrich the soul, most people even develop arrogance about what they know. Anything that makes me more impure cannot be called knowledge, says Baba.

A lot of time has gone by and, of the short period, only a little time now remains. This little time is what is left of the confluence age- the only time in the entire cycle when God Himself comes to show me the path through the knowledge He gives me. I can only receive this knowledge when the Father comes to give it. Whereas the fruit of a worldly study is only for this one birth, the fruit of this spiritual study is for the whole cycle. Let me not waste this precious time.

Baba says: Now that I have come to take you to the land of happiness, why are you still waiting here? Why are your hearts attached to the land of sorrow? Why are your hearts attached to the people of the land of sorrow and to your old bodies? I have come to take you to the land of happiness. This study is for the land of happiness – you simply have to remember the Father.

Everyone has a right to the home, the land of peace but not everyone comes to the land of happiness. As the name suggests, to be eligible for the land of happiness, I need to become a happy soul….here, in the midst of an unhappy world.

To be a happy soul, I need to become pure. Purity is to let go of everything that gives me sorrow. Through the knowledge Baba gives me, I understand the difference between right and wrong, true and false. His remembrance gives me the power to make change. The more jewels of knowledge I imbibe, the freer I will become from disease- of worry, of anxiety, of stress, of competition, of comparison…and all the other manifestations of body consciousness that make me spiritually ill and sorrowful.

Many think that the soul is immune to the effect of action. To think this is a big mistake, cautions Baba. It is the soul that becomes pure and impure based on the actions it performs. So pay attention to Shrimat, become pure and become the masters of heaven, He says.

The good news is that purity, peace, happiness, knowledge, power, bliss are all original sanskars of the soul, He reminds me. All you have to do is learn to move inward and in that silence of introspection, touch base with your own truth, that originality. You have to remember, He says. When I once again embody my truth, then, I come into my own; the props, the false identities, the attachments all fall away and I become self-reliant. I realize my own self-worth, I feel fulfilled, content. When I feel those things, happiness is an automatic outcome.

Often, though, my stage fluctuates- I am happy, dancing and singing on Monday and by Wednesday, I am feeling down again. What I need is permanent, lasting transformation- that comes from strong sense of determination and a deep surrender. I don’t want useless things in my life anymore.

I have been on this world stage for a long time – it was the land of happiness and then gradually, as it got older, it became the land of sorrow. It is now time to return home to the land of peace; then I come back once again to a pure, new world, to the land of happiness. And so, the cycle turns…

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