Gateway to heaven

Baba says, ‘the words gateway to heaven are very good‘. Baba comes at the confluence to establish heaven.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when His children are weary, having toiled and wandered for half a cycle searching for our identity, true meaning and belonging. In our search, we fell prey to the vices not realizing that we were in fact becoming more and more degraded, moving further and further away from our truth and becoming less and less empowered.

Baba comes and uplifts souls, breathes new life into us. He does so by simply reminding me of who I am- a pure, peaceful and powerful soul. He tells me my own story – the beginning, middle and end and shows me how to touch base with my own destiny. You are not who you think you are or have become…this is false, He says. Look inside yourself, there you will see who you truly are.

And no segment of the world populace took His words more to heart than women. The mothers receive a lift, says Baba. I come and massage your feet, He says lovingly, I know you have been harassed a lot and are tired. I become your child now, He says, let me lift your burdens while you rest. He tells her how proud He is of her, brags to everyone about how strong she is. You’ve forgotten who you are but I haven’t, He says.

They say you are weak, you are not. They say you don’t know what you are doing, do. They make you think you should be afraid, that you should seek permission from your husband, that he is your god. He says, I am God and I am the Husband of all husbands, the Father of all fathers. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Remember who you are and remember Me alone‘, He says.

In My house, He says, both the male and female have equal rights to the inheritance. Both have equal access to the study. When you imbibe the knowledge and stay in remembrance, you receive power and re-claim your self-sovereignty. You are My Shaktis, He says. You are My army. It is you that will bring about the kingdom of heaven, the World Almighty Authority kingdom.

She does so by simply being herself. A woman has always been the anchor of the home- the caretaker who nourishes, feeds…she holds the family together, makes things work somehow despite circumstances…she is the one whom everyone goes to for counsel when something goes wrong…she is also usually the one who sacrifices everything she has for everyone else. When you uplift the woman, you uplift the family, the community and the world. When you teach her, you teach the world.

The Father comes and places the urn of responsibility on the mothers. You are not just mothers but world-mothers, He says.

There have been and there will continue to be obstacles – people at home will try to stop you from studying, from staying pure. They may tempt you and when that doesn’t work, they may bully you but you must remain committed and strong, He says. People think that it is impossible to remain pure in a household but Baba says, it is possible.

Remember who you are, Whom you belong to, the responsibility and the reward, He says.

When I become soul conscious, I see others as souls too, as children of the same Father. There can then be no impurity in the mind, words or actions. I belong to the Ever Pure, the most elevated Father, and this is the only time at which I can claim my unlimited inheritance from Him. The more I claim from Him now, the more I will receive for birth after birth and cycle after cycle.

You are helping God make the residents of hell into the residents of heaven, He reminds me. The so called scholars who wrote and recited the scriptures and the sanyasis who ran away to the forests having forsaken their responsibilities referred to you as the ‘gateway to hell’. I am here to show the world that my daughters are the ‘gateway to heaven‘. You glorify the Father’s name and make the whole world, heaven.

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  1. Eva says:

    ❤️“Gateway to Heaven”❤️

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