Merged in God’s love

Baba says, ‘become constantly merged in love‘. Then, you will not experience difficulty or having to make effort.

Love is the breath of the soul. It is what makes life worth living, without it, life is dry and meaningless. When a soul is purely loved, it starts to believe in itself, it is able to do things that it never thought possible. Pure love is the deeply transformative feeling, it is what lifts and gives me back to myself.

Only God’s love is pure. This is why His love is the alchemy, the miracle worker that heals and transforms. He comes at the end of the cycle when souls have lost everything they had and become bankrupt. They have lost their sense of self, their faith….they have hit rock bottom. His mere remembrance gives the soul back its power, its faith and makes it a sovereign again. That is the power of God’s love.

And so when I connect with Him, I do so not out a sense of wanting something for service or something else. I have chosen this relationship over everything else because I, the soul have not experienced this pure love over a long time. I had been separated from the Beloved. Now, I can experience His companionship, is Friendship. In that experience, in that companionship, I heal and find myself again.

Many ask: what do I have to do to experience God’s love? Baba tells us: it is not what you have to do but who you have to be…and that is honest.

At its basic, fundamental level, honesty is about being myself- a pure, peaceful soul. And I experience God’s love only in remembrance. In the silence of introspection, I move inward first and touch base with my own truth. Then, I move upward and connect with the One. Without first being situated in my own honesty, I cannot connect with God. Introspection is not about reaching inward superficially – there, I only find defects and shortcomings…the falsehood. If I stop there, I will be afraid or feel shame or guilt and that becomes a burden that prevents me from flying upward. Let me go deep, touch base with the original me, the true me, the pure me.

Baba says, experience all your relationships with Me. I will fulfill all of them.

He is the only One who knows how to truly relate at this time because He is the only One who is constantly in realization. In every relationship, I connect with His sanskars and experience them. When I relate to Him, I am reminding myself of how to do it too. Remembrance is not just about connecting with God’s sanskars, it is also about accepting deeply that ‘I am like this too’. This is realization, purification and it happens when my connection with Baba is deep, true; when there is full attention and concentration. Often we allow the relationship to become stale or routine. I follow the daily itinerary, wake up in the morning etc…but do so out of compulsion more than a deep interest, a deep yearning to connect with the Beloved. Then, Baba’s energy cannot penetrate the soul, there is no experience or transformation.

And so this purification of the soul is God’s great act of love. He facilitates the soul’s realization and renewal and returns it back to itself, does not hold on, does not impose, does not expect.

He cares as my Father, makes me belong again. He empowers and matures me as my Teacher, helps me understand the direction in which I need to go. I am able to discern right from wrong, true from false and therefore, stop sabotaging myself. As my Friends, He offers courage and support, tells me things clearly and constantly roots for me by reminding me of all my powers and specialties. As my Satguru, He brings me to my state of completion and liberation where I don’t have needs anymore. It is like Him- God has no needs. He is Pure and that is why He is able to love all souls, not matter what we are like. When there are needs, there are expectations and dependencies. Then, there is conflict. When I realize myself, I realize I need nothing, I have all that I need.

I regain my self-respect, my sovereignty. For half a cycle, I hustled thinking that self-respect comes from accomplishments and other’s approval of them. God’s love helps me realize that I respect myself when I become who I am.

And this return to myself is the greatest return of God’s love. Because it is how I become an angel, the child that is the helper of God. I become an instrument to give others the experience of His love.

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