Become a true friend of the world

Baba says, ‘become a true friend of the world‘. Help put out the fires.

Every human being in the world is burning in some form of fire or the other, says Baba, souls need coolness. You have to become their true friend, their spiritual fire brigade, says Baba. To give others coolness, I first need to become an embodiment of coolness myself. I must have so much power of coolness accumulated in myself that I am not affected by the heat of the fires everywhere.

Sometimes, I can be afraid of the fire of old sanskars as they flare up. For this, I need to develop the shield of fearlessness. I know that as the new world is being established, the old world is automatically falling off – there will be noise, dust, smoke that accompanies the collapse but that’s okay. I stay focused on the new and don’t get shocked or overwhelmed by the darkness.

Then, there is the fire of attachment to the body, bodily relations and physical possessions. The way to save myself from this fire is to make the Father my world.  If the Father is my whole world, everything else becomes tasteless.

Then, there is the fire of repentance. The easy way to end this, Baba says, is to become an embodiment of all attainments. A lack of attainment makes me repent, whereas attainment ends repentance.

Once I am the embodiment of coolness and have put out the fires of other souls, I can then introduce them to the truth. In fact, that happens automatically. On the basis of coolness, souls are able to know the truth of themselves, of Whom they belong to. I become an instrument to introduce them to the friendship of the Father.

Baba says, ‘remember Me alone’. He is the Ocean of all virtues and powers. Only He is Ever Pure, always in realization remaining beyond the influence of the vices. So when I connect with Him, the Powerhouse, I draw current that charges the soul. When I connect with Him, I fill myself up by remembering who I am and my elevated destiny. That awareness automatically makes me aware of the treasures – virtues, the powers, the attainments.

Then, when I step out into the world I feel equipped to give freely without any selfish desires of my own. I therefore remain light and become God’s helper, His angel and my very being serves – my vision, my face, my behavior, my thoughts, words, my attitude- everything serves. I am able to transform any atmosphere into a spiritual one.

My thoughts radiate good wishes and pure feelings- part of this is not holding on to things that have happened in the past, says Baba, a true friend never has enmity with anyone. Sometimes, I hold on to my own mistakes or those of others. I might even forgive but find it hard to forget. This becomes a barrier in my own progress and in serving others. Through imbibing the knowledge of the Drama and through remembrance, I learn to let go.

My words are sweet. My attitude is one of co-operation, of love, of acceptance. My face radiates a contentment that comes from being full of treasures, my vision is able to take a soul beyond all their troubles with just a glance, my nature is easy and accommodating.

A true friend is a source of support and courage, someone who constantly reminds me of my own innate strength, my goodness, my powers and roots for me. A friend tells me the truth clearly but does so with kindness, based on coolness. God became my Friend, my one trust and one support. He is looking to me to be a friend to the world.

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