Your kingdom is being prepared here

Baba says, ‘the Father is establishing a kingdom for the whole universe‘. While religious founders come and establish a religion, only God establishes both a religion and a kingdom.

God comes at the end of the cycle when the whole world is body conscious, there is confusion and chaos everywhere. Human beings are afraid of each other, no longer sure whom to trust. There are as many opinions as there are people, everyone fighting amongst each other, ironically, for peace. There are more religions than one cares to count, all claiming to be God’s religion, all claiming to show the path to salvation…even as they cannot seem to agree amongst themselves on what that path is.

No one can know Me until I come and give my own introduction‘, He says. At this auspicious confluence age, God comes to establish His kingdom. He comes to transform the old world to new, transform hell into heaven. I come when there is utter irreligiousness and everyone has become unrighteous, He says. I come to re-establish a righteous world. There, peace is the only religion, happiness and prosperity are abound.

You no longer have sovereignty, says Baba. What you have instead is the rule of the people by the people. There are some clear differences:

  1. In God’s kingdom, God’s word is law, not the opinions of people. Baba gives me a code of conduct and Shrimat. It is the same for everyone, everywhere. Only follow my directions and become pure, He says, and you will regain the lost sovereignty. But we often mix the dictates of our own mind, or we follow the dictates of other people.
  2. In God’s kingdom, God is Truth and the source of knowledge. If I am still caught up in man-made religion, studying and reciting scriptures, following gurus and pundits, quoting philosophers, I am not uplifting myself, instead, I am scattering my finite resources across many avenues thereby diminishing my power. God is here now, He is giving me the knowledge, there is no more research needed.
  3. In God’s kingdom, I am not a soldier, I am His child, His angel. I am not battling old sanskars within myself or battling others. I don’t question or experience upheaval when situations come: ‘how can this be!’, ‘I never knew this too could happen!’, ‘why me?’. I don’t argue, I reconcile. I know to remain detached and observe the drama. I trust God as my Protector and Benefactor. I remain light.
  4. In God’s kingdom, I am not given a job or a role; I serve. Am I still waiting for someone to tell me what my role is? give me a job description? My role, Baba tells me, is to be an angel. Then, my very existence- my vision, face, behavior, attitude, thoughts, words.. everything- automatically serves.
  5. In God’s kingdom, I don’t get paid in paper money, I get paid in ever-lasting treasures- virtues, powers, contentment….which, by the way, are the only things I take with me throughout the cycle. When I get this right, physical wealth and comforts are an automatic byproduct.
  6. In God’s kingdom, I become prosperous by receiving an inheritance from God, not by networking with influential people. When I mold myself into pure gold by melting away all the old, Ravan’s sanskars in the fire of His remembrance, I will have positioned myself for permanent, lasting success for the whole cycle.
  7. In God’s kingdom, there is no ‘court of law’, there is the law of karma. I don’t need to look at others, judge and critique them and I certainly don’t need to become a self-appointed police. ‘Only look at yourself’, He says. If someone does something wrong, the ‘built-in law enforcement’ will take care of it…neither God nor I have to worry.
  8. The way to enter God’s kingdom is to help Him establish it by serving through my mind, body, wealth; thoughts, words, actions. I cannot pay my way into it or lobby my way into it. I have to put in the work…no matter what my status is in the old world. Everything depends on how you study, He says.

To become eligible to live in God’s kingdom, I need to make a complete change in my way of thinking. I need to stop applying democratic principles where everyone gets a vote and I listen to everyone’s opinion and the majority ‘wins’; where, I am concerned more about offending the feelings of friends and relatives, than following the direction of God. Instead, I make God my One trust and One support. If you have any doubts and need a corporeal example, follow Brahma Baba, He says….ONLY follow Father, not brother and sister.

Having spent half the cycle in body consciousness, in this old world, being tossed from one belief to the other, one opinion to another, it is as if the soul has become covered in rust. For as long as the needle is rusty, the Magnet will not be able to attract it. The Father, the Magnet, says: ‘Now remember Me alone‘. The more yoga your intellects have with Me, the more the rust will accordingly be removed.

Everything depends on how much you follow Shrimat, He reminds me. The new world has to be created, He says, your kingdom is being prepared here. You know that you have now received the company of the Truth.

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