Recognizing God

Baba says, ‘a faithful intellect gains victory‘. When I don’t have faith in the intellect, I leave.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when the whole world is body conscious and in the depths of ignorance. He comes when we have forgotten ourselves and settled into thinking of ourselves as bodies, identifying ourselves by many labels. He comes when the world has many religions, opinions with as many gurus, pundits and even those who claim to be god.

He, is the Supreme Soul. He comes in an an ordinary body and gives souls His own introduction. He reminds souls of who we are and tells us the story of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. But Baba is extremely subtle and invisible to the physical eyes.

Neither the soul not the Supreme Soul can be seen, only understood‘, says Baba. Most, don’t.

Without the third eye of knowledge, it is not possible to understand the soul or the Supreme Soul. When I so strongly identify with the gross, with bodies, it becomes hard to recognize that which is incorporeal. Even those who walk the spiritual path for many years don’t fully recognize the Father, says Baba. Then, I also don’t develop faith in the intellect and as a consequence, leave.

The knowledge is easy to understand, most of us do and it does open up the intellect. But it is one thing to know what the soul and Supreme Soul is and a completely different thing to experience. And I can only experience myself- the soul and God through remembrance. This, unlike the knowledge, is not that easy. While remembrance itself is the most natural thing for the soul to do, like breathing, there are so many things competing for mind-share. And so to be able to cut through the clutter, I need an attitude of caring- I want to give myself to God, I want to get to know Him. I have been longing for this union for half a cycle, He is here now.

I move inward, situate myself in my true awareness of a soul and then move upward to connect with the Father, the Supreme Soul. When I do this, I experience Baba’s companionship, His sanskars of love, peace, compassion…and I remind myself of my own originality. I am like Him too…That experience of God’s love gives the soul power to bring about transformation. When I experience God and see changes within myself, I build up faith in myself, in Baba, in the knowledge.

Most of us start on the path with just a little faith and that is all I need then…but it is up to me to build it up. If I don’t, I cannot sustain myself by just listening to and reciting the knowledge. But often, we sabotage ourselves by ignoring or disregarding Shrimat. The #1 Shrimat Baba gives me in every single Murli is ‘consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘. Let me pay attention to this direction. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and try to sit in remembrance but there is a barrage of thoughts that cloud the mind. The key is to pay attention on how I spend my day. If I allow myself to be loose, then the events of the day are what take over the mind.

The eyes deceive you the most‘, cautions Baba.

Let me pay attention to what I allow myself to see and hear. Are they what will make the soul powerful or will they instead take me on the endless trail of waste thoughts? Let me check my attitude…am I still holding on to ‘I’ and ‘mine’ in the old world or have I decided that I want to help God in establishing the new? Let me take a few minutes throughout the day to check myself and when I do, I keep the line of my intellect clean and my mind uncluttered. Then, remembrance is easy.

Make me your world‘, He says. When I relate to Him through all my relationships – as a Father, Teacher, Satguru, Friend, Companion…., I find that He fulfills all of them. It enables me to spend time with Him throughout the day and get to know Him better in the process.

Only God is Truth because only He knows the truth. Only His love is pure, unconditional. It is the alchemy that heals wounds and transforms the soul, introduces me to myself. When I experience His love and companionship, there is nothing else I want, nowhere else I want to be. Try it if you haven’t already…and then, when He asks you for a dance, I dare you to say no.

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