To meet means to be complete

Baba says, ‘to meet means to become complete‘. You are becoming equal, are you not? 

When Baba comes at this auspicious confluence age, He reminds me of who I am and Whom I belong to – I am a soul and I am His child. He also tells me that He and I both look the same and have the same makeup. We are both an embodiment of bliss, love, happiness and peace.

And that’s how He sees me- has, is and always will. He sees a treasure-store of virtues and powers. He sees a soul that is full, complete…like Him. That’s the foundation based on which He interacts with me. But is that how I see myself? If the answer is no, then, the quality of my meetings with Baba, my experience with and of Him will be sub-par, almost false.

When I am complete, I will always maintain pure thoughts for the self and will also have positive thoughts for other souls. I won’t indulge in bad (inauspicious) and waste thoughts about myself: ‘I am a sinner’, ‘it’s my karma’, ‘I can’t change this sanskar, it must not be in my destiny’, ‘I am such a loser..’. Instead I spend my time in accumulating a huge treasure of pure thoughts and true knowledge. My Father is Truth, He has told me my whole story, He has shown me my elevated destiny…I believe Him 100%. I am that, no question. My awareness of being His child and of my elevated destiny prevent me from playing with the stones or dust of bad thoughts or waste thoughts.

When I have pure thoughts for myself, I am able to have positive thoughts throughout the day for souls I interact with- they are interconnected. Because I am constantly aware of who I am i.e. firmly seated in my self-respect, no matter what type of soul comes I am able to uplift them even if they defame me. In fact, I don’t experience insult, I feel compassion. I don’t look at others with dislike, because I understand that whatever was said or done has it’s roots in ignorance. I move along considering myself to be a world transformer, aware of my responsibility – it’s the same as my Father’s.

It is remembered that Brahma created the world through thought; that’s how important the power of thought is. Baba says, ‘I emerge my children during Amritvela to celebrate a meeting with them‘.

Amritvela is the time specially set aside for God’s children to celebrate a meeting with Him, to receive special blessings and co-operation from the Father.

When I move along with pure thoughts for the self and positive thoughts for others, I increase my spiritual power, I increase my self-respect, I become closer and closer to my Father. That forms the basis of the quality of my meetings with Him, of my thoughts, of my relationship with Him. I am able to relate to Baba with a right, with a lot of confidence and love. Because I have made Him my world, that closeness allows me to have a close meeting with Him as His child, His equal. I don’t feel that we are two different beings, I experience His companionship as if we were one. I draw tremendous power from this closeness.

If I don’t make Him my world, that is, during the day, I allow myself to become loose and have waste and negative thoughts, get off course, then I meet Him not as His equal but as someone who has the thought of wanting to be His equal. I aspire to be like Him, to have His qualities but I don’t experience being that already. And so because I don’t see myself the same way He does, I don’t catch His power as much. It’s as if I were watching Him from a distance as opposed to being seated on His lap.

The quality of that meeting at Amritvela sets the tone for the entire day. The quality of my meeting depends on my stage at that time which depends on the quality of my thoughts throughout the day. Let me not deprive myself of having the full experience of God’s companionship, of knowing Him and experiencing Him as He is. It starts with knowing myself, accepting the truth of who I am, Whom I belong to and letting it guide my thoughts and actions.

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