You don’t belong in a brothel

Baba says, ‘I have come to change the world from a brothel to the land of God‘. I have come to make you into the masters of the land of God.

Lust is the greatest form of violence against the soul’, He says. This is because lust causes the soul to fall from its completely satopradhan (elevated) stage and be killed. It causes the soul to come down from the original virtuous form, to lose all it’s power, to forget. It is as if the soul committed suicide.

Growing up, I wanted to be a lot of things – a teacher, a baker, a musician…as you can tell, it changed every year! We’d discuss, my friends and I, all the things we wanted to be and do. I’ve never met a little girl that said that she wanted to grow up to be a prostitute. I’ve never met a little girl that said she’d like to sell her body to make ends meet, to make her happy. It’s not a choice made willingly….rather one that is imposed.

Today, so many young girls, even little kids are in the sex trade. Many are told they are being protected from the streets this way, many are forced into it, some resign to it to get through circumstances….to make ends meet. Some deceive themselves into thinking of it as a means to make enough money to then start a new life.

God says: ‘Awaken now! stop causing yourself sorrow’. No matter what the reason might have been or is….this is a sinful path, He says. STOP this and remember who you are! You are a pure soul, you are My child. I have come to liberate you from your sorrow, come with Me’. He especially comes for His daughters, with a special sense of urgency, to rescue them from the clutches of Ravan.

He comes looking for Pingala, this is her story…

Faces, faces passing  quickly, walking briskly, believing my anguish will pass, hopefully by tomorrow, I step into the night of  palpable sorrow, anxious for someone to come, to pay for the love I offer to everyone, along with the pain and hope in my heart, maybe this one … coming this way…      yes, this is my art… on sale;   

wearing sensual pleasures         like tattoos on my skin,      I walk down the street, would you like just for one night to be a king and me your favorite mistress? I give my body to enjoy                        just a fleeting remedy for distress,                  I know no other way to give joy, but, alas, no one is gazing to this side, nobody takes notice of the heart of an importunate, begging tramp! 

Oh, this one now looks towards me….Feeling lonesome? I sell my sad heart, I have nothing else, and I try to smile at unseeing eyes …crowds of faces crowd my nights; all seem just grey masks, nobody has stopped tonight dawn comes again ~with my frustration and under my eyes a residue of the shadows of this night.

morose, anxious and disappointed now I see this street of illusion where rose my hope                   and sooner died my ambition,           paved with pebbles of delusion, lamentation cadenced my steps eager to serve insignificant men,

now I see the trap of this mundane folly, my soul numbed by melancholy                             lets a distaste to set in                          for the coveted riches and banal dreams, 

for the grace of Lord Hari unconcerned feeling an unfamiliar relief       a smile arises within me,    O true Lover in my heart! I will not waste in vain my efforts of love never to the unworthy again, You, O Source of Love, allow me the ability to accept       Your favor upon my head to know and love You. Now at peace I close the door without further ado.

God doesn’t judge or critique. In fact, ONLY He accepts and loves unconditionally. Only He is the True Beloved, the Father who cares and uplifts. Don’t be afraid of the world, don’t be fooled by it, He says. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you will find love this way…or that there is no other option or way out of your circumstances…there is. I am here now, He says. Leave this dirty business behind, come with Me.

When I take God’s hand, He becomes responsible for me….for everything from my food to clothing to my peace and happiness. He become my Protector and Benefactor. Yes, He is incorporeal and I cannot see Him but He is present. He is the Almighty Authority and the Most Capable. He can and WILL rescue me. Let me dare to TRUST Him.

I have come to change this whole world from hell to heaven for you, from a brothel to a land of purity and happiness, He says. When you remember who you are and remember Me, you become pure and a master of the new world.

There comes a moment…a moment of reckoning in everyone’s life, no matter who we are. It is a moment where we take a pause to ask: what am I doing here? is this who I am? It is a moment when we hear Someone calling out to us to STOP and RECALIBRATE, to see the folly of our ways. If this is that moment for you, if you are Pingala ready to close your door to the street, to life as it has been, and find yourself again…there are resources to help.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to: GET HELP

Reach out to a Rajayoga  location near you for FREE.

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