The child and the master

Baba says, ‘you are the child who is also the master‘. Always remember these two words.

The awareness of being a child automatically brings the awareness of being a master, He says.

When I become a child, I become light of all burdens. I have no worries or fears, nothing is my responsibility. I remain carefree in the awareness that this is the Father’s domain, it is His work and He will get it done. I simply have to co-operate. But, says Baba, you don’t have this awareness all the time. When things get tough, I say: ‘Baba, this is Your work, You have to do this’…but when things are easy, then I say: ‘mine’ and am eager to lap up all the credit.

To finish the consciousness of “mine” means to be a child and a master, He says.

When I am a child, nothing is ‘mine’. Even the home, the body, is not yours, He says. I remain in the awareness that these things have been entrusted to me by Baba for Godly service. It is His valuable property to be used by His rules and directions. I get in trouble when I fluctuate between ‘Yours’ and ‘mine’. But, when I am constantly aware that I am His child, then, I am careful of how and what I use His treasures (my mind, my thoughts, time…) for and through this practice, I become a master of those treasures.

Don’t just be happy that you have become a child, that you have received the inheritance. If you don’t become a master of the inheritance, what is the purpose of being a child?‘, He asks.

Sometimes, I can become happy just knowing that I have a right to the inheritance but to claim it means to use it. It is one thing to say that sovereignty is my birthright and another thing to actually become a sovereign. On that journey from saying to claiming are all the tests: the eyes and ears deceive me, the body consciousness creates barriers, greed and attachments keep me down. To be a child of God means to be the master of my world- be it my organs…both subtle and physical, or relationships, connections…everything. When I am not in the consciousness of being a master, I become dependent, become deceived.

I also need to become the child and master when it comes to service and working with others. ‘Become engaged in Godly service, don’t wait for someone to tell you to do something‘, He says.

If someone has to tell me to do something, then that is not exactly service. I don’t receive the full power from it because I did it because I was told, not because I was inspired to on my own. This is where I have to become the master and show initiative. But together with being a master, I also have to be a child and let go of the desire for outcomes or approvals or praise. It’s a balancing act: sometimes, I become a master and can get caught up…almost trapped in things, and when I become a child, I become irresponsible and leave things aside. Neither is good.

The effort‘, Baba says, ‘is to be equal in both, to stay at the confluence. You mustn’t be just a child or just a master. By having both virtues, you will be able to do everything accurately‘.

To be a child means to be free from waste thoughts, I simply have to follow the orders and directions I receive. To be a master can involve giving advice. I have to observe at which place and in which aspect I need to give advice. I cannot be a master everywhere. If I become a master when I have to be a child, then because there are two masters, there will be a conflict of sanskars. This is why in order to work well with others, I have to imbibe both aspects. I learn to give advice as a master and then, when a decision has been reached, I let go as a child. I no longer hold on to ‘my idea’ and fight for it or sulk if it wasn’t accepted. I need a clear intellect to be able to judge when to be a child and when to be a master.

When you learn to become a child as well as a master, then, Baba says, it allows you to be creative and egoless at the same time and it keeps you humble and loving. Then, I become a world server. I become equal to the Father.

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  1. Eva says:

    Om Shanti…very good.

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