Become a point

Baba says, ‘you have to put an end to waste thoughts‘. If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful.

A powerful soul is one who has ended waste, says Baba. If I have waste thoughts, it means I have come into upheaval. It means I am caught up in the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. I have allowed the thoughts to finish my zeal and enthusiasm, to bring me down. I become disheartened with myself over trivial matters and thereby deprive myself of constantly experiencing the treasures of all attainments.

Powerful thoughts, on the other hand, enable me to experience meeting the Almighty Father and also make me experience success. While waste thoughts come as a powerful storm- they come fast and furious at a fast pace and tear my stage down- powerful thoughts are like spring weather, slow and steady, they make me constantly fresh and successful. Because they are so fast and furious, waste thoughts become instrumental in making me waste my energy, that is, my soul power and time. Powerful thoughts constantly enable me to accumulate soul power, they make my time fruitful. Although both kinds of thoughts are my own creation, one tears me down and makes me lose my honor while the other ensures I remain constantly aware of my elevated honor.

We know this, we have experienced this and yet, Baba says, we continue to create waste thoughts.

The reason for this, He says, is that I don’t pay enough attention to the source of powerful thoughts – the Murli. Because I am low on powerful thoughts, the waste comes up easily. Each and every elevated version of the Murli is a jewel worth multi-millions, says the Jeweler. When you continue to churn each elevated version at every moment, your intellect become powerful and waste then cannot enter. When your intellect remains empty, then, because that place is empty, waste enters- as they say, nature abhors a vacuum.

Not keeping the intellect busy with powerful thoughts means I invoke waste thoughts.

Become the businessman who keep the intellect busy, says the Businessman Himself. He takes the useless things from us and gives us jewels. Now, you do the business of the jewels you receive, He says. When there is a lot of business, businesspeople don’t mind working night and day because there is an income. You too, Baba says, should do this business night and day – while they receive a limited income, your income is for the whole cycle, He reminds me. When you don’t have time, there will be no waste, therefore, the main thing is: constantly keep your intellect filled with powerful thoughts. Then, I practice using each point in my practical life and become an embodiment of each point. That is how I transform the point into power and become powerful. Then, waste won’t be able to touch my intellect.

For example, I might listen attentively to the point about the Drama, might even enjoy it at that moment but if I don’t embody it, I won’t receive the power. So next time a situation comes, I will remember the point but will still shake because I lack power.

Remember Me and follow Shrimat, He says. Don’t mix within it the dictates of your own mind.

When I mix, that is creating waste and I end up using my mind unnecessarily. When I try to keep it still, it continues to run by itself, and I then have to make effort again. The way you can remain free from your mind racing unnecessarily is similar to what you do when someone cannot be controlled and causes a lot of trouble or goes a bit wild or crazy, says Baba. He then has to be given an injection to calm him down. In the same way, if you are unable to control the power of your thoughts, take an injection of becoming bodiless. Come and sit next to the Father! Then, your thought power will not run wildly, He says.

Once you do, then don’t take back the reins of your intellect from the Father, He says. In other words, with concentration, I keep my link from breaking. This won’t be possible unless I have practiced concentration over a long period of time. Practice, practice, practice, says Baba. Practice every point of the Murli and remaining connected. If not, what you don’t imbibe is what will get you.

So now, become a point, remember the Point and apply the point, He says. Then, I become free from having to labor over anything wasteful.

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