Service through the mind

Baba says, ‘the easy method of serving the world is serving through the mind‘. According to the present time, service through the mind is extremely essential.

The basis of becoming a world server, Baba says, is being full of all the three powers – power of the mind, power of words and power of actions.  There is a difference in becoming a server and a world server, He says. A server means one who has imbibed all three powers according to his capacity.  A world server means one who is full of all three powers.  

Service of the mind is a spiritual wireless set through which you can make a distant relationship into a close relationship, He says.

If we reflect on our own experience, we find this to be true. We’ve had a friend, family or team member root for us when we were getting ready for a big day – an exam, a job interview, a lecture, a surgery etc. and we felt a surge of strength. Sometimes, we thought of someone we hadn’t met in a long time, we didn’t even know where they lived but we thought of them and a few days later, they call us saying they suddenly remembered us and felt they had to call.

Similarly, while sitting where you are, in introspection, with the power of silence, you can give any soul the the message of the Father, so that that soul experiences a great power to be calling him or feel that he is being inspired by someone, says Baba. That soul will experience as if someone is speaking to them personally, they will feel as though you are in front of them, He says. In this way, you can inspire any soul to become an elevated soul and one with a good character.

The power of the mind means good wishes and elevated feelings.  

  1. With these elevated feelings, I can transform a soul from having a doubtful intellect to having an intellect filled with love and devotion.  
  2. With these elevated feelings, I can transform wasteful feelings of a soul into powerful feelings.  
  3. With these elevated feelings, I can even change the nature of a soul.  
  4. With the power of elevated feelings, I can enable a soul to experience the fruit of love and devotion.  
  5. With elevated feelings I can bring them closer to God.  
  6. Elevated feelings can transform the line of fortune of a soul.  
  7. Elevated feelings can make a soul with no courage very courageous.  

While in one place, you can serve with the mind in all directions, says Baba. For serving through words and actions, you have to go there physically, but service through the mind can be done from wherever you are.

There are no words spoken, no lectures given. Souls are tired of hollow words, they want an experience. Through my own self-transformation and elevated actions, I inspire others to perform elevated actions.  I am beyond feelings such as: ‘let them do it first, then I’ll also do it’ or ‘they should at least do something!’, ‘no one can do this’. Instead, I have feelings of compassion, of co-operation and of giving courage – this is known as being one who serves through the mind.  

This is what a lighthouse does. From one place, it shines it’s powerful light over a long distance in all directions and in doing so, shows lost ships the way back to shore. There are two key criteria to become such a lighthouse: 1) how powerful the light is and 2) stability.

The light emitted by a lighthouse is much more powerful than that of a bulb inside a room. It reaches far and wide because it is filled with might. Baba gives me knowledge which is the light but if it remains in my head as a point, then there is no might. For that, I need to with the power of His remembrance, experience each point by making it part of my life. Then, I transform the knowledge from just a point to a weapon, to power. I also then never lose it since it becomes part of my natural nature.

If my mind is in upheaval or fluctuating, then, I might still be able to teach the course or give a lecture but I won’t be able to do service through the mind. For that, I need stability…this is why they construct the lighthouse on top of a rock as opposed to on the sand. When powerful storms cause the waves to slam against the rock, it remains stable. I too have the rock of the knowledge of the drama that gives me faith and makes me unshakable when I stand firmly on it. Only then, will I keep my mind and intellect free from waste thoughts and constantly elevated and altruistic for everyone. There should constantly be the feeling of uplifting others.  There should be the elevated feeling of uplifting even those who defame me. In other words, there should always be feelings of a bestower.  

This, Baba says, is to become an embodiment of the mantra “manmanabhav”. This is to become a light-and-might-house.

But even before my thoughts and feelings benefit others, I become the first beneficiary, Baba explains. When my mind remains constantly busy in service, because I will be saved from the useless and wasteful thoughts that Maya creates in between, I will experience peace, I will experience all the treasures and will not have to work hard.

Serving through the mind is also what Baba calls tapasya or penance, the two are not separate, He says. You are already elevated children of God, but tapasya means to be full of all powers and with a determined stage and determined thoughts to serve the world. Then, as a world server, you also become one who has a right to the kingdom of the world.

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