Baba says, ‘find new methods of remembrance‘. Forget this old world.

Sometimes we can become tired or even bored of meditation. Human beings are by nature creative, we like variety. And so Baba reminds us to make our remembrance creative, to find new methods to remember so that we don’t tire of the pilgrimage.

A few methods He has offered us:

  1. While walking and moving around, think of yourself as a point of light separate from the body. While engaged in activity, think of yourself as the detached and loving angel.
  2. Spin the cycle in your intellect – see your whole part throughout the cycle, not just the last few scenes playing out now.
  3. I am a tiny, tiny point of light and the whole part of the cycle is recorded inside such a small point.
  4. Mine is One Baba and none other. He is my world. I sit with Him, walk with Him, eat with Him, speak with Him, do everything with Him.
  5. He is my Father, my Teacher and my Satguru. But what does He do in each of these relationships?
  6. He is called the Liberator and Guide, but to where? Liberation and liberation-in-life. What is that mean?
  7. He is also my Friend and my Beloved. He and I are combined, we can never be separated.
  8. He is my Companion on this spiritual journey. It is not possible that I think of Him and He fails to respond.
  9. He is here to establish the new world, my new home. This is an old home, it is falling apart. I am in the last few days of letting go the things I won’t need in the new home and packing up the things I will take with me.
  10. It is now time to return to the sweet silence home.
  11. It has taken me the whole cycle to become impure, it takes me a short life to become completely pure once again.
  12. In bhakti, I asked God to come and purify me. He not only purifies but makes me a sovereign!
  13. There is the procession of Shiva…
  14. How do I make the Father my Heir?
  15. I have received the third eye and a divine intellect? what does that mean?
  16. What is renunciation, penance and service? Are they related?
  17. What are the specialties of the angels? How are they different from humans?
  18. God has asked me to be His helper in the most elevated task in the history of the world. What is my task? what is my part?
  19. ….

You have remembrance, says Baba, but the proof of accurate remembrance is to become an embodiment of power through that remembrance. His remembrance is the life force that cleanses and empowers. It gives me the strength to imbibe the knowledge and transform.

What aspect are you remembering these days? Feel free to share in the comments.

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    Very useful to BKs to speed up the efforts in spiritual journey

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