Becoming an heir

Baba says, ‘you have become heirs of the unlimited Father‘. You cannot become an heir without remembering Him.

Many souls come to Baba but not everyone is an heir, He says. An heir is someone who has a right to the inheritance. There is a difference between an inheritance and a donation or charity. The inheritance is something a child has a right to while a donation or charity is a one time act of mercy by the donor. I don’t have a right to it, I am just a grateful beneficiary.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle to find His children bankrupted by Maya. I, the soul have lost all I had and meet my Father with zero self-respect, zero dignity, zero virtues and zero powers. I have lost my identity and sense of belonging. He comes and reminds me of who I am and that I belong to Him. He then also gives me the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. It is the story of how I lost my inheritance and more importantly, how I can win it back.

In giving me the knowledge, Baba has already given me the inheritance. The rest of the journey is about my ability to claim it.

I claim it by churning the knowledge He gives me. I go into the depths of every point and imbibe it within myself. It is not about learning and reciting the knowledge, that does little to nothing. But instead, it is about realizing and applying each point in my practical life. When I use it, I make it mine, I derive power from it and use it to serve others. When I don’t use it, I lose that treasure, that jewel.

Making each treasure mine is not an easy thing, it needs tremendous will power to against the prevalent tide of Ravan’s world. Many souls come to Baba but not all are heirs, He says. It is up to me to be an heir. In order to be an heir, I first have to make Baba my heir.

An heir is typically appointed when someone is about to leave their body. They want to ensure that they have passed on their assets to the rightful owner who they think will build upon it, do good with it, carry out their wishes etc. When I come to Baba, He asks me to die alive from the old world. I cannot be Baba’s and Ravan’s at the same time. I have to pick a side. The ability to be able to do that and do it firmly will determine if I can be an heir.

When I pick Baba, it means I let go of the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. I let go of the hustle for name and fame, I let go of limited preferences for facilities, I let go of attachments to people and things, I let go of dependence on approvals and accomplishments. It means I literally strip away every label and mask I had been wearing as an identity and become naked. I am a soul, mine is One Baba. I am a soul, a child of God. Full stop. That becomes my foundation.

It doesn’t mean I leave the world and start living in an ashram or that I renounce my family or even my job. It just means I change the way I see things, the way I live my life. It is now based on empowering my spiritual identity. Previously, it was about my social or emotional identities but now, I know who I really am and that’s who I become. I receive Shrimat from Baba for everything I need to do, there is a code of conduct that covers every aspect of my life.

I become Baba’s trustee by using my body, my mind or my thoughts, my wealth, my time in a worthwhile way, which is to say, according to His Shrimat. When I become His trustee, I make Him my heir.

I become His trustee and follow Shrimat, not because I feel compelled to but because I realize this is what I want to do now. I no longer want the useless stuff, I have now found my true identity and my Father. I am ready for my purity, my happiness, for my peace and following His guidance is how I emerge these treasures again. I start to appreciate silence more. In introversion, in the depth of silence, I move inward to touch base with who I am and then move upward to connect with my Father. I receive His love and allow it to dissolve all the impurities, the fears, the labels, the prejudices. I become pure.

As my purity builds up, as I let go of the shackles, clear out the cobwebs, I am able to hold the knowledge in my intellect. Only a golden vessel can hold the knowledge, says Baba. Remembrance cleans my intellect, makes it golden. In that fire, I burn away the old sanskars, I make a firm decision to transform to become my true self again. This is summoning up my will-power. When I do that, He matches my will with His enormous will. With that power, I am able to imbibe the treasures, claim my inheritance.

In bhakti, God bestows acts of mercy to pull the soul out of its misery or sorrow or to fulfill it’s limited desire. But the soul only gains a one time, temporary happiness or fulfillment from it. The soul itself has not changed at all, has not gained any power. It’s a matter of time before it needs the next favor.

Here, Baba is my Father and He gives me my inheritance and I claim it. I make it all mine by imbibing it. I become self-sufficient with both wisdom and power. I am able to then live my life with confidence and self-respect not for a short time but I set myself up for the whole cycle. This whole earth and sky become yours, He says. No one can snatch it away from you.

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