Becoming one with many forms

Baba says, ‘become one with many forms‘. Renounce the old dress made of mud.

Baba has given me the various dresses and jewelry to wear during the confluence age but am I wearing it? Or am I still attached to the old dress made of mud?

My day starts with Amritvela, it is the sweet morning hour of nectar when I celebrate a meeting with both Shivbaba and Brahma Baba in the subtle region. This is also the time when Baba touches the intellects to provide answers to questions, to guide, to advise. But, I can only enter the subtle region when I am dressed appropriately. Every place has a dress code and the subtle region requires that I wear the angelic dress.

An angelic dress means that I, the soul discard all the consciousness of the body and become subtle. But often I am entangled in matters with people or things down here and therefore, my intellect is anything but subtle, it is often burdened. So when I go to meet Baba and have say, a question that I’m hoping to get guidance on, I am unable to approach Baba with a plain intellect. Instead, I approach Him with a preferred answer already in my mind- based on my own thinking, looking through the lens of body consciousness. Instead of a clear and open intellect listening for an answer, I have an hyperactive, biased intellect looking for confirmation. Then I wonder why God doesn’t respond…actually, He does. I am not in a position to catch it.

And it’s not just at Amritvela, Baba says. You have been given a dress for each title, different jewelry for each virtue to wear throughout the day based on the task, He reminds me. To stabilize myself in the stage of a specific title means to put on that dress. For example: I might sometimes wear the dress of a world benefactor, sometimes of a master almighty authority and sometimes of a spinner of the discus of self-realization. It depends on the task I have to perform. Similarly, on my forehead I wear the awareness of being an embodiment of peace. When I speak sweet words, that is the necklace I am wearing around my neck. When I am working, I do it with a stage of being an embodiment of peace and so that becomes the decoration around my wrists. I pay attention to only listen to things that make me peaceful, so this is the jewelry for my ears. My feet take steps to serve others, make them into embodiments of peace too, that is the decoration of my feet.

It works when you wear the whole set together, He says.

Often I might listen to the right classes, in other words, I wear the earrings but when a situation comes, all that goes out the window and I fluctuate, say harsh words. So I lose the awareness and the necklace. When I don’t pay attention, it is as if I wear an elevated dress for 2mins before I slip back into the dress of body consciousness. Sometimes, it is the dress of attachments to people or things…that gives out a bad odor, says Baba, because attachment comes with expectations, desires, disappointments, jealousy, criticism and so much else. Then, sometimes, I wear the dress of a criminal eye…being lured by flesh and skin. Then, sometimes, I wear the dress covered in dirt that splashed on me when I was busy seeing the dirt of defects in others. Sometimes, it is a dress stained in blood by committing a sin repeatedly thereby, wounding the soul. And so, these various forms of self-sabotage ensure I am always wearing old dirty dresses even when hanging in my closet are the new clothes and on my dresser are sparkling jewelry.

Don’t do this to yourself anymore, says Baba.

Dissolve the old sanskars, the consciousness of the body in the fire of constant remembrance of the One. When I do that i.e. always stay in the company of the One, develop the habit of speaking to Him, eating with Him, walking with Him…making Him my world, then I will find that the elevated dress stays on, the jewelry stays on.

This is your gift, says Baba. The Father says: No matter how much reward of wealth, buildings or clothes etc. someone gives, those donations and that charity are just for a temporary period. Human beings give to human beings. The wealthy have been giving to the poor; the wealthy have been giving to the wealthy. However, here, you have permanent peace and happiness. Only the Father can give me this gift because only He is the Ocean of Happiness, Peace and Purity.

By remembering the Father, I become my original, pure self again. I embody all my treasures again. I regain my sovereignty, I claim the kingdom of the world.

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