God’s family

Baba says, ‘this is the Godly family‘. The family of God is the most elevated family of all.

When we came to Baba, he gave us not just the knowledge that I am an elevated soul, but He also told me that I, the elevated soul, am a child. He brought me into the relationship of a Father and child and because of coming into this relationship, I also simultaneously came into the pure relationship of brothers and sisters with God’s other children. This is God’s family. It is not an organization with guru and followers, this, is a family.

I don’t just have a right to God, I have a right to His elevated family. No one else in the world has such a big, unlimited family.

Just as I have faith in the Father, it is essential that I also have faith in the family. Why? because God is not just establishing a religion of peace but He is also establishing a kingdom. And a kingdom means there is a family. It is One God, one religion, one kingdom and so by definition, that requires unity.

I engage in service, in relationships with the family, not just with the Father. Service, of course, is about giving a soul an experience of attainment – whether it is peace or happiness or love…all the things that are in short supply in the world outside. When I serve by myself, it goes so far but when I serve together with the family- all banded together for one goal, there is magic. It is like an orchestra. Yes, it is nice to hear the flute by itself or the violin by itself but not quite as magical when all the instruments come together as part of an orchestra. Then, it isn’t about attention on one particular instrument but rather melody depends on how well the instruments work with each other, how well the notes blend together. That togetherness is what moves the audience, gives them that experience of transcendence.

Each of us is also unique with our sound, so to speak. Our individual strengths and weaknesses. Now, I could stick to solo performances and it would certainly draw attention to me and how well I perform, how good I am etc etc. but it will never give the audience the same experience as an orchestra where I let go of the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and become a part of ‘us’. Where, I become both the performer but also the audience simultaneously. Where, I do bring my strength and beauty but with the intention of enhancing the whole. Where, I also watch the beauty and hear the sound of others and applaud. Where, I place the emphasis on harmony rather than individual prowess.

It’s what God does.

He works with His children to bring about transformation, never alone. He doesn’t want to, He says. Could He do pretty much the whole thing Himself? would it be more efficient, quicker? On paper, yea but in reality, no. If He did everything Himself, I would never have this relationship with Him, I would never realize my own strength, my own powers, I would not feel vested in the task nor value it. Now, every step I take, I feel a little more confident, a little more empowered. I know I am bringing change, I am involved.

It takes an enormous amount of self-respect to be able to put others in front, to feel comfortable sharing the light. It takes deep realization that a physical stage, approvals, fanfare, TV appearances, # of centers opened, # of direct reports etc. have nothing to do with God’s task or with my spiritual progress to become a sovereign. Claiming self-sovereignty is not an individual activity, it is a collective one. Else, the sanyasis would have become sovereigns too! My effort is not just moving forward myself but sharing that light with my brothers and sisters. My effort is remembering that world transformation happens when one lit lamp lights the other and the other…then, it is the festival of lights.

Your memorial is a rosary, says Baba. When I think of a rosary or say, a pearl necklace, it looks beautiful when the beads are next to each other. If there are gaps between the beads such that I can see the thread, that’s not as nice. Looking at someone’s clumsy moment, looking at a defect and turning up my nose and moving away means that I create that gap. Instead, Baba says, ask yourself what you can do to make something better.

When engaged in activities, Baba says, do so in the consciousness of a detached and loving angel. Then, I am detached from outcomes and I find the love to accommodate weaknesses. When I hear something about someone, rather than broadcast to others, I merge it in my heart. Then, whilst walking and moving around, situate yourself as a point of light, He says. Then, I see others as souls too, as travelers too that have been on a long journey like me. There is sameness rather than the differences that divide us. When I am able to put the family before me, when I put the success of Baba’s task before me, that is a sign of love for the family and therefore, love for the Father.

Don’t love superficially, says Baba. True love is always from the heart. This elevated family is not something I have to ‘put up with’, each one is my brother and sister. And while this year, 2020, has been full of lessons, the importance of unity, of family has been the most underlined for me personally. In a time where people are afraid of being infected by each other, I’ve missed the casual chats at the grocery, the smiles. In a time where politics has divided a people, I’ve missed the ability to have healthy debates and disagreements and the ability, tenacity and commitment to move past them. In a time of social unrest, I’ve missed the times when we were just brothers and sisters, not black, brown or white.

To say that knowing God and being part of His family is a fortune, is an understatement. Let me cherish it, let me share it.

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  1. Eva says:

    Very good. Teamwork is magical and essential. There should be no other way.

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