Creating my source of income

Baba says, ‘the things that the Father teaches you now are your source of income through the cycle‘. Therefore, study very well and you will be constantly happy.

After half a cycle of living in an old, vicious world, I had forgotten who I am, Whom I belonged to or what I am here to do. Baba is here now at this auspicious, most elevated confluence age and is reminding me daily. He is my Supreme Father, Supreme Teacher and Supreme Guru- caring for me, teaching me and guiding me every step of the way.

He is teaching me the right way of living or what it means to be righteous. Having fallen into the company of Ravan, I had learnt to hustle, manipulate, outsmart as I chased a mirage of success, fame, glory. I did that because Ravan made me believe that’s what it takes to belong, to fit in. Baba gives me the third eye of knowledge and helps me see the mirage for what it is. He helps me discern the truth from false.

Study what the Father teaches you now and it will become a source of income for you through the cycle, He says. Source of income is not just about earning money, it is about knowing what to think, speak and do in any situation. It is about knowing how to take charge of life, to live.

Sometimes, it can feel that there is SOOO much to learn. It feels like everything I do, say or think is wrong. Nothing I touch works. It’s like I’m in the driest desert wasteland with nothing but dust flying into my eyes and knees buckling. In those moments, Ravan tempts me to give up and retreat to the old world. Let me be careful. Let me remember that I am in the hands of the Supreme Teacher who is teaching me and the Supreme Guide who is right there showing me the way. My character is being molded right now, I am being transformed and often that means multiple aspects of my character are being molded simultaneously and yes, that can feel hard but let me with humility and patience, co-operate with the Father and the Drama. Let me learn what they are teaching me, let me imbibe and make it my own. Let me continue to experiment by applying what I am learning into my practical life. My experiment might fail the first few times, but I have not. I fail only when I stop experimenting, when I stop learning and give up.

In the future in the cycle, I will not remember this knowledge, will not have the opportunity to learn it and neither will I have access to my Supreme Teacher. All I will be able to bank on is what I have imbibed as sanskars now. If I simply listen to the knowledge and store them as points in the intellect, that won’t go with me. I have to convert the points into sanskars. If I am missing the Murli because I believe I have heard it all before, I am deceiving myself. The daily Murli has instructions for that day, it prepares me for the events to unfold that day and so while the points might sound the same, they are not. They have a special relevance, a different context for that day. Let me listen and imbibe.

In the Bible, there is the story of David who was anointed to be king when he was a teenager. But for years after that, David spent his days as a shepherd boy working in the fields, bullied by his brothers. Then, he spent years being hunted by the king of that land, this, after he had helped defeat Goliath. It looked to the outsider that David did all the right things – maintained a good attitude, was sincere, honest, hardworking and yet, all he got was hardship and betrayal…..until, he became an extraordinary king of the whole land. Where did he learn to rule? to be king? it was during that interim between the anointment and the coronation. It was during those years that David learned how to handle a crisis, how to love his enemies, honor authority, do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. It was then that he would learn the great faithfulness and power of God. He would learn that he was greatly loved and treasured, and ultimately completely safe in the arms of the Heavenly Father. He learned these lessons well. He created his source of income. He became known as a man after God’s heart.

I am anointed by God too. Am I learning my lessons well? In my future too, in this very birth, there will be situations and opportunities that God expects me to rise up to. He is preparing me for it right now. And then, in my future births, I will need to rise up and face, will need to enable and protect….and then, when I do, someone standing by me will whisper: where did you learn to be the way you are? I might not know the answer then but I know now. It was here and now. I learnt well from the Supreme Father.

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