Becoming a world servant

Baba says, ‘you are a world servant‘. You mustn’t become body conscious in any respect.

The one who serves becomes a sovereign. Service is the mirror in which I see my defects and weaknesses. I discover how charitable I am or not. It is how I check to what extent I have imbibed the knowledge, how far I have traveled and am able to chart the road ahead.

Many think service is about giving lectures or conducting workshops. That is not the case, says Baba. A server, He says, is someone who would use his every second, thought, word, deed, relationship and connection for service. A server does not fix a special time for doing service nor does he pick a specific task. He does service constantly and tirelessly at every step. Service is merged in everything he does; the way he looks at things, the way he conducts himself, the way he eats and drinks. He would be constantly busy doing service through his awareness, attitude, vision and deeds.

  1. Through his awareness, he would make other souls embodiments of power.
  2. Through his attitude, he would make the atmosphere pure and powerful.
  3. Through his vision, he would grant souls visions of the self and the Father.
  4. Through his deeds, he would make himself an instrument to perform elevated deeds and would thereby inspire others and give them courage.

For such servers, they find comfort and rest when they serve, He says. Am I such a server?

The proof is that souls who stay in contact or relationship with me would, through my closeness and company, experience themselves to be sitting under a waterfall of coolness, power and peace; they would experience support and attainment. They would experience my thoughts, good wishes and pure feelings in the atmosphere like the rays of the sun. There is no second guessing that anyone has to do when they are around me of: wonder what her agenda is!, they find that they can easily trust, let their guard down and be themselves. They could have a bad day and know that they will feel better speaking to me or just being around me. They could suffer a setback and know that it’s going to be okay when they watch me or talk to me. They know that they have my good wishes, no matter what.

It is easy, Baba says, to like someone who likes you but a true server serves no matter what. They have good wishes for everyone, no matter who they are, whether they agree or disagree with me, if they praise or defame doesn’t matter. I always remain who I am. And so service requires that I never let go of my self-respect, that I never forget who I am and what I am here to do. It is like the rose in the garden or the sun- they remain unaffected whether someone acknowledges their existence or not, praises them or not. The rose continues to radiate its beauty and fragrance into the atmosphere and the sun continues to shine…it doesn’t say: well, I won’t shine today, these human beings are just ungrateful! I do so much every day and they don’t as much as say a kind word to me. That would be a lack of self-respect, that would be neediness and someone with needs of their own cannot serve others.

As a server, I have imbibed the knowledge, not just stored it in my intellect as points. I know that each soul has his own individual part and therefore, I don’t become discontent seeing actors playing any type of part. I instead remain constantly cheerful and content. I keep my attainments of this time, my experiences with Baba in front of me and remain in the intoxication of my own elevated part, my elevated destiny. Therefore, I experience myself to be constantly full and close to the Father. This, is the great attainment of being a server soul. I then automatically maintain the intoxication and faith that success is my birthright.

I am helping God establish a new world while living in the midst of the old. I help Him by becoming pure- in my thoughts, words, actions, vision and attitude. Remember Me alone and you will become pure, He says. When I do, I see Him as my reference point. I see how He, the Highest on High, the Ever Pure, comes to this world at its most impure, degraded moment and serves it. I see how He harmonizes sanskars with so many souls, how He loves and uplifts. I see how He merges my defects within Himself and reminds me of my elevatedness. I see how He remains happy always, content always and full always.

I am your most Obedient Servant, He says humbly. I am your Father, Teacher, Satguru but I am also the Boatman and the Laundryman, He says. I come and cleanse all the souls and take them across.

It takes self-respect to serve. That comes when I remember who I am, Whom I belong to and what I am here to do. And thus, remembrance is the greatest service I perform.

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