Become pure from impure

Baba says, ‘the main concern you should have is to become pure from impure‘. You should have the concern to be liberated from punishment.

For half a cycle, I lived in the kingdom of God. There was one set of rules that everyone followed, one religion of peace, equality, truthfulness, and a natural sense of respect and appreciation for each other. No wonder, there was happiness and prosperity everywhere. This purity of the souls was reflected in nature too. The whole world including the elements was pure.

Then, during the second half of the cycle, I became an orphan in Ravan’s kingdom and ruined my character through the vices. I became impure and degraded. The original rules were forgotten and each person had their own opinion of what’s right or true. Material accomplishments dictated status and power leading to inequality, competition, jealousy…all symptoms of sorrow. Nature reflected the impurity of the souls and rebelled with natural calamities.

The soul then called out to be liberated from sorrow. Baba came and gave me His introduction. He says: Only I am the Purifier, only I can make impure souls pure again. Becoming pure is the the only concern you should have.

If indeed it is, then, I will study the knowledge and constantly remember Him alone. There is no other way, He says. The knowledge is my compass, it reminds me of who I am and teaches me right from wrong. It is the soul that becomes pure and impure, not the body, He teaches me. So there is no use bathing in the Ganges! The soul can only be purified by connecting with the Supreme Soul. I am the Almighty Authority, He says. Only by connecting with Him will I receive power. With that power, I am able to imbibe His directions, His Shrimat.

Your character is being molded now, He reminds me. Let me pay attention. I receive directions for every task – let me ONLY follow them. This is how I transform old sanskars to new, become pure from impure. This is also how I help God re-establish the kingdom. Sometimes, I either lack the power or don’t have the willingness to follow His directions…it feels too hard, there is way too much to lose. This is a clear sign of body consciousness where I am trapped in the ‘I’ and ‘mine’. Anything of the old world feels hard to let go when I am still attached to it, seek my identity or happiness from it. So then I instead follow the dictates of my own mind or listen to someone else’s advice because, I justify: ‘we live in the real world..’. ‘Have the concern to to become pure from impure‘, He says. This is the only time in the cycle when I can do that. At no other time do I have the awareness, the knowledge or access to God to transform.

Remember Who is teaching you, He says. Unless I have this firm belief that it is God that is teaching me, I will not follow His directions. I will question it, disregard it, forget it or take it lightly. This is not the sign of someone that has the concern to become pure, He says.

As a result, I inevitably experience sorrow as a result of my own character, my own thoughts, words, actions, attitude, vision and behavior. I feel shame and regret. I feel stuck and defeated. I punish myself in many different ways. Then, I say: Baba, You are the Purifier, You are the Liberator. You have to purify me. In other words, deep inside, I am begging for His mercy….

Yes, Baba is the Purifier and at this time, I do need His help to become pure. But, says Baba, My mercy is my Shrimat. This is a study, this is a school. Just like the worldly schools where students go to earn a degree, this too is a school for souls, He says. Just as they teach history and geography, here too you learn the history and geography of world, He says. This is not imagination! This is real. I am the Supreme Teacher, I give you the knowledge, you become pure when you study well. God cannot help me unless I help myself. All it takes is one determined thought, one brave step in the direction that He is showing me and He promises to match it with a thousand of His. Let me build my determination, build my spiritual power through His remembrance. At this time, ONLY He is pure. ONLY He is in realization. He is therefore my ONLY reference point, let me learn from Him.

Make as much time as possible to make your future elevated, He says. He makes so much effort on me, to make me pure, to make me elevated, to ensure I reclaim my identity and my happiness again. When I remember this, it cannot help but bring tears of love…but, says Baba, there are very few who remember the Father with that much love. I love the children very much, He says, I sit them on my shoulders, I make them even higher than Myself.

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