Master of the world

Baba says, ‘once you belong to the Father it is as though you become a master of the world‘. Since you have become a child, you are a master of the world.

I come to Baba – illiterate, bankrupt, and full of sorrow. I became an orphan in Ravan’s kingdom and the vices bankrupted me. But I wasn’t even clued in to realize that’s what had happened. I didn’t even know who I am, let alone that I have been robbed. All I knew was what I felt- a deep sorrow, a yearning to belong, a search for purpose.

The first thing Baba does is remind me of who I am- that one truth in itself lifts off a thousand burdens. I am a soul, an eternal being. I am imperishable, I always exist. I am not the body which is made of matter, instead the body is just a costume I take on to perform action on this worldly plane. My name…is the name of the character I am playing now. It is not the name of I, the eternal being. I am separate. I have taken on many costumes and have had many names, titles etc.

Okay…so hang on! what this tells me is that I am not my role, not the job title, not my social status, not my bank balance, not my relationships, not my religion…I am not even my gender, my nationality, my appearance…nothing that is to do with my character is me. All the stuff that I had been chasing after because I was told that was the way to ‘fit in’, to ‘belong’, to ‘be someone’ are all props on this vast set!

Phew! what a relief!

I, the soul, already belong to God, to this unlimited Drama. I am already someone- I am a pure, peaceful, knowledgful, powerful soul, a child of God. This is my world, I don’t have to pay a tax to be here, to exist. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone to be here! It’s just that my world has become old and impure and degraded- because I became impure and degraded. But guess what, my Father is here and He just told me how to become pure again.

Remember! that’s all.

It takes Ravan a LONG time to make you impure and bankrupt you, He tells me. It takes you just a second to regain your purity, to re-claim your inheritance. All you have to do is realize your own truth. It is within you, emerge it, He says. He, my Father, is never corrupted, always in realization. He is therefore Ever Pure. Remember Me alone, He says, and becomes my reference point, my Rock. Remembering Him reminds me of my true nature, my original sanskars, my purity, my powers.

My Father is the Almighty Authority! His mere remembrance makes me pure from impure, solvent from bankrupt. Each jewel of knowledge I give you is worth multi-millions, He reminds me. Imbibe each point and make it your own.

I don’t just listen to the knowledge, I go deep into each point to realize it and then apply it in my practical life. In other words, I change my response to every situation, transaction, interaction…from the old worldly response to the spiritual, new worldly response that God is teaching me. This is not a new way of living, He reminds me. This is how you used to live, you just forgot. When I start to apply each point, I, the soul remembers…yes, this is truth, this is my truth. I get back on track.

The soul became sorrowful when it became mis-aligned, when it got off track. Now, it’s found alignment again, and therefore, is peaceful again, happy again, content again. It’s like the thirst has been quenched. There are no complaints about something not being right, there isn’t a dis-ease, there isn’t that feeling of hollowness.

I have found that which I was looking for and I feel the deep desire, a sense of duty to help my brothers and sisters find their truth too. And before you know it, we, the unlimited family of God, reclaim our world, our sovereignty back again.

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