My Baba

Baba says, ‘the word “Baba” is the key‘. Once you have received the key, you definitely receive fortune and all the treasures.

Baba comes at the end of the cycle when His children have forgotten who they are and that they belong to Him. We have been bankrupted by Ravan and are calling out, to be rescued, to be liberated.

He comes and reminds me of who I am and of Him. I am your Father and you are my child, He says. ‘Baba!’ At that moment, I go from being an orphan to a child, from being bankrupt to one with rights to the Father’s treasures. I go from being a nobody to being the master of the world. But while this is a fact, do I experience it in my life? or do I still feel a sense of lack, a sense of wanting?

I give everyone the same amount of the same treasures, I don’t discriminate, He says. How much you take depends on your courage and effort.

Not only do I have access to the treasures, I have access to the Bestower of Fortune, Himself…and only at this time. It is an overflowing treasure store, He reminds me, it never decreases. So there is no need to worry that I came to Baba much later than some other souls and so perhaps the treasure has finished…no!, in fact, access becomes easier. There is enough of a knowledge base of what to do/not to do that I don’t have to spend time learning it the hard way. There is no lobbying here, no one receives a special chance to attain from the Bestower of Fortune, everyone has an equal shot. Sometimes, I think that perhaps living at home reduces my chances compared to someone living at the center….again, no! what if I have a physical disability or an illness?….no! what if I am physically older?….age has nothing to do with anything. what if I am not as educated as some others– none of these reasons, Baba assures me, have anything at all to do with His treasures.

All that matters is what you do now, take as much as you want, He says, there is no one guarding it. So what gets in the way of my claiming it all?

In one word, it is the ego. It gets in the way of my becoming His child completely, it holds me back. It’s as if my key to God’s treasure store gets stuck. Sometimes, instead of turning it to the right, I turn it to the left i.e. instead of thinking about myself, I start thinking about others. Instead of changing myself, I feel others need to change first: ‘what do you mean I need to be tolerant, how come I have to do everything…;. Also, instead of me doing the work and glorifying Baba’s name, I expect Baba to do the work and glorify my name. And so, I keep turning the key the wrong way and thereby, despite having all the treasures be present, I am unable to attain them, I deprive myself of my fortune.

Because of being caught up in the old world and old sanskars, I thirst for a drop despite being with the Ocean.

People in the world outside keep their valuables locked away in bank lockers that require two keys to open- one that I get to keep and the other that the bank keeps. Both keys need to be turned simultaneously to open the locker. Here, too, Baba says, you need the key of remembrance of the self and of the Father. When the ego works, I am very intoxicated with myself. I think I know everything, that I’m able to do whatever I want and can inspire others to do what I want – that the Father has made me into a master, into a leader. With this wrong kind of intoxication of the consciousness of “I”, I forget my relationship with the Father and consider myself to be everything. I try to open the treasure store with just one key. I want to experience all the treasures but I cannot gain access to the treasures without the Father’s co-operation and company. 

Another mistake I make is that I don’t develop a relationship with Brahma Baba. While Shiv Baba is God, Brahma Baba is the first angel and became my reference in the corporeal. He is my father too. Instead of belonging to both Fathers, I get egotistic and think, “I have a direct connection with the Incorporeal. Brahma Baba also attained everything from the Incorporeal, and so I can do the same. Why do I need Brahma Baba?” This is a damaged key, says Baba, and so you become unsuccessful. I have to follow Brahma Baba when it comes to my activities in this world, I follow Shiv Baba in my stage. I need both Fathers.

This is a blessed time, Baba reminds me and the method to make your fortune is so easy! There is no labor involved, no stumbling like in bhakti, nor do you have to spend anything. The method is of just one word – ‘Baba!’ but it needs to come from the heart. In other words, I need to believe deeply that I belong to the One Father and none other. That, I am indeed His long lost child with all rights to the Bestower and to all His treasures. When I believe it, I become it. The key turns.

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