Be happy

Baba says, ‘stay in happiness and you will become conquerors of Maya‘. Soul consciousness is the basis of happiness.

The Father says, ‘renounce body consciousness and become like Me. Become detached from the body, and consider yourself to be a soul. If you want to become a master of the world, this is all you need to do‘.

When I am body conscious, I change my aim of constantly staying in internal happiness and free of limited supports. Instead, I chase after limited attainment – respect, appreciation, name, status, title, position or limited desires or personal pleasures – ‘I only like this!’? The attainment of happiness on the basis of any of these in not real, says Baba, it is not eternal happiness. Today, because respect was received, or a task was completed, so the desire was fulfilled, there is happiness. If there is attainment that pleases the mind, or pleases the thoughts, there is happiness. It disappears when the temporary attainment, inevitably, disappears. When the support shakes, the happiness also shakes.

Such a life is an ordinary life, not an elevated life, says Baba. When I become body conscious, I can never be eternally content because I am constantly chasing a moving target. Unless I am eternally content, I cannot be eternally happy. And when I am not happy, Maya takes a chance to attack me – she sends me chasing after something else or makes me feel insignificant or makes me angry and frustrated. In short, she ensures I am entangled in her web, that I stay separated from Baba and therefore from any chance of happiness.

Become soul conscious, says Baba. Remember who you are, Whom you belong to and your elevated aim.

When I remember I am a soul, I experience myself as separate from the body, free from the trappings of the limited world. I am no longer a caged bird, I can fly. When someone says/does something impolite, I don’t feel insulted. I also don’t rate and rank myself or others anymore, I don’t judge or criticize. I see others as souls too and respect the fact that they are also on a journey like me. My effort is to always maintain good wishes and pure feelings for all- it helps me more than others by ensuring my inner stage is not in upheaval, that I don’t drink the poison.

When I am soul conscious, I have all my relationships with One Baba. I make Him my One Support and One Trust. I get all my attainments from Him, I go to Him for advise and help. In fact, I find that I don’t even need to ask, He fulfills all my needs Himself.

When I am soul conscious, I follow His Shrimat which I realize is for my own protection…against myself, against old habits. As I work to burn away old sanskars, these directions and the code of conduct protect me and keep me safe from Maya. For example, it prevents me from thinking of the past and taking sorrow from it. This is a tried and tested method that Maya uses to drag me back into her web. I also pay attention to what I see or read or listen to. Is this content that will uplift me or drag me back into old worldly ways? I remember my responsibility to be God’s helper in His elevated task of establishing the new world.

When I am truly happy, that happiness is constantly visible, I experience receiving blessings of happiness Sometimes, we say: ‘I am happy but it’s just that others can’t see it’. Baba says, ‘can the light from the sun be hidden?’. So, if I am happy, others will be able to see it and experience it. If there isn’t happiness there is definitely some kind of impurity, cautions Baba. It means that my thoughts or actions are not accurate. When I am soul conscious, I learn from the Father on how to be. He is a soul too and His company teaches me the right way to think, speak and act. When my thoughts, words and actions become accurate, I automatically receive everyone’s eternal love and respect.

When I am eternally content and happy, I become immune to Maya. She cannot attack me. When there isn’t struggle over any kind of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, she has no inroad, nothing to offer as a temptation. Then, no matter what she says, I happily say: thanks!, but I am full.

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