Remembrance is power

Baba says, ‘knowledge is your source of income, yoga is power‘. There is the difference of day and night.

For half a cycle, I was an orphan in the kingdom of Ravan with no guidance or accountability. I fell prey to the vices and they bankrupted me, of everything, including my dignity and self-respect. Baba came and made me belong to Him. You are My child, He said and instantly I went from being an orphan to a prince! He gave me the knowledge of who I am and of the cycle. I became aware of the fundamental mistake I had been living with – I had thought I am the body but now I realize that I am the soul, the elevated being that uses the body to perform action on this physical plane.

Knowledge of my true identity and a sense of true belonging were His biggest gifts to me. This knowledge is my inheritance from the Father. Now, I have to make it my own.

The knowledge is light, it dispels the darkness of ignorance of half a cycle. It becomes my compass by showing me the right from wrong, true from false. I used to do things a certain way, think certain kinds of thoughts, speak a certain way…now I know that way was wrong. I now know what elevated thoughts, words and actions are from Baba. I know that my thoughts create feelings which influence my attitude which in turn creates the atmosphere. I know….

But simply knowing doesn’t do much. Simply understanding doesn’t change old habits that have been with me for a half a cycle. That transformation requires power. Power comes from remembrance. ‘Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone’, He says.

In the silence of introspection, I step inward and touch base with my true self. I then move upward and connect with the Father. I experience myself in my original form of a point of light, separate from the body. I experience myself as the creator of my thoughts, words and actions.

Remembrance is not just a ritual, Baba reminds me, it is a lifestyle, an attitude. Even while walking and moving around, while eating and doing my chores, I remember…I remember that I am a soul- pure, peaceful and loving, I remember Whom I belong to and I also remember what I am here to do.

I relate to Baba in all my relationships and learn from Him, from the way He fulfills them. I learn the right way to live by observing His example. I experience how He accommodates my clumsiness as I learn, how tolerant He is with me despite the flaws, the tantrums, the mistakes. In other words, I experience how His love uplifts me, empowers me, heals me. I experience the alchemy transform iron to gold. I experience how He inspires me to change and be like Him without Him having to say the words.

Now, I want to change and more importantly, I can change because I have the example, the courage, the strength and the confidence that I am not alone and that my Father has my back. Then, when the old sanskars rear their ugly head and roar, I feel equipped to stand tall. I feel equipped to change course from old ways because I no longer depend on them for my sense of security or fulfillment…I draw my fulfillment from my restored sense of self and from my companionship with the Supreme.

It is a difference of night and day, says Baba. Knowledge opens you up but does not give you the power to transform. That, only comes from remembrance.

It is when I remember that I draw the power to imbibe the knowledge and apply it in my practical life. When I apply each point of knowledge, it becomes a part of my nature or character. It is as if it gets deposited in my account that I can draw from when I need, and the more I use it, the more it grows. In other words, knowledge now becomes my source of income. Without the power of remembrance though, I am unable to use the knowledge and with time, end up forgetting it i.e. losing it.

I come to teach you and guide you, He says. Don’t ask Me for mercy or blessings, a student does not ask a teacher for mercy. Instead, study well, He says, what you become depends on how well you study. I give you knowledge every day- don’t miss the Murli, He says. The daily Murli contains instructions for that day that guide me through the situations that come to me that day. Together with remembrance, I become equipped to rise up to any situation and hold the reins. I am able to transform the atmosphere from negative to positive, from worldly to spiritual. I am able to radiate peace, love and kindness instead of criticism and chaos.

Keep a chart, advises Baba. This is a good tactic to ensure you study and stay in remembrance. Being aware that I have to track how well I did will ensure I pay attention throughout the day. Before you sleep each night, review how you did, He says, are you making a profit or a loss?

To teach and guide you is My duty, there is no need to say ‘thanks!’, He says. It is your fortune that you are now studying to once again become the masters of the world. If anything, He says, appreciate and be grateful for your own fortune.

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