Being absorbed

Baba says, ‘experience the stage of being absorbed‘. Then, Maya will can never come near you.

For half a cycle, I was a slave to Maya, dancing to her tunes. I had forgotten who I am, Whom I belonged to or what I am here to do. Without a name and address, without a family, I was a bankrupt orphan left to fend for myself. Maya took complete advantage of this scenario and fed us misinformation about where I would find belonging and identity- chase material pursuits, she advised. It depends on what you accomplish, your trophies, your badges, your name and title, she said. She told me lies to keep me busy with useless things and used my life as her source of entertainment.

Baba came and told me the truth. You are a soul- a pure, peaceful, powerful, knowledgful, loveful soul. You are My child. He then also told me my story- I used to be a sovereign, then lost everything to Maya when I forgot myself. But, He says, you can claim it all back and not just that…you can claim it all back in a second!

All you have to do is remember!

I have all the knowledge about myself, about the Father, about the Drama, about Maya and her tricks. I just have to remember….when I forget is when I get in trouble, that’s when Maya finds her way in.

I remember the time when I met Baba first, how He embraced me, how I felt safe for the first time. I remember when I enrolled in His school and He taught me the a, b, cs. I remember the time He held my finger as I learnt to stand up again and walk. Then, I remember the time He let go and stood close by as I walked on my own. I remember the time He enrolled me into college where I learnt bigger subjects, where it wasn’t just theoretical anymore, it was practical too. I was required to apply concepts into practical life. He was always there. I fell so many times and called home to sob to Him. He always listened, advised…but never felt sorry for me. ‘You can do it’, He’d say, ‘you’ve done it countless times before. Just keep on moving…I’m right here’. Then came university! That’s still ongoing….so many topics…but really cool though!

He, my Father, (dare I say) is easily pleased- He cheers even my smallest of victories! He, my Teacher, is the most brilliant teacher I’ve had- He takes the most complex of topics and simplifies it such that even a 5 year old gets it! He is so brilliant, He doesn’t even have a teacher…He just knows! He is Knowledgeful, the Ocean of Knowledge! How cool is He, how fortunate am I!! He, my Guru is always there guiding me, giving me remedies and solutions when obstacles come up.

I’ve had so many experiences with Him….like the times when I didn’t have a clue as to what to do and someone would come by and offer me a solution… or the times when an idea would pop up in my intellect…or the times when something really bad was to happen but miraculously didn’t. What about those tasks that I know I couldn’t have done in a million years, I had no business being there…but not only was I there but I did those things. It’s like the impossible became possible! Then, what about those times when things didn’t work out as I had expected, couldn’t figure out why but in time I saw how that was the best thing that could have happened? and then all I could feel was grateful and the only word that came out of my mouth was thanks! remember those times?

Then there are times when I spin the discuss of self-realization- it’s this photo album He gave me as a gift. I see my entire story, my elevated destiny, all the great roles I’ve played. Wow! how cool! Maya had made me forget all this, now I remember!

Sometimes, I’m chatting away with Him- my Friend. Am telling him about my ideas even as I offer Him a snack, then talk some more…and then suddenly there’s that moment where I realize…wait a minute, my Friend is God! Does anyone know about this? can I sing from the roof tops about this? Look Who’s at home with me…Whom I get to chat with! Is He also your child? Does He accompany you to the store and suggest that you buy the wrong (but fun) things? and then offer to help you with your bags?

There is love and then, there is being absorbed in love.

He…is a point of light but there is a whole ocean within Him – of love, of peace, of kindness, of knowledge, of friendship….He is not omnipresent but He is with me everywhere in my remembrance. When I am absorbed in His love, spend all my time in His company, when my whole world is shaped by His teaching, when I derive my energy from His companionship, when I believe in His vision for me and see myself the way He sees me…..and someone comes along and says ‘Maya’, my response is, ‘Maya, who?’.

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