Hell or heaven is up to me

Baba says, ‘the Father is the One who establishes heaven and so we surely have to become the masters of heaven‘. So, why are we still in hell?

Baba is called the Heavenly GodFather not because He lives in heaven but because He is the Creator of heaven. At this time at the end of the cycle, the world is hell, a jungle of thorns with human beings pricking or hurting each other. There are fights, wars, clashes everywhere even as there is a search for peace. We give each other sorrow even as we long for happiness. This is not the world that God created. That was heaven! Then, I was free, everyone respected everyone, happiness was all there was, sorrow was not a term anyone knew of.

So what happened? How come the children of God, the Creator of heaven are in hell?

Heaven became hell when I became impure. I became impure when I forgot who I am. I thought of myself as the body and engaged in a life that was all about sense gratification. That meant I broke the rules of heaven, of nature by falling for the vices. Now, Baba is here and He has reminded me of who I am and Whom I belong to. You lost your world when you forgot, He says. Now, you have to remember and once again usher in the new world.

Heaven is not defined by wealth, as some wealthy people tend to think. It is defined by purity and happiness…wealth is simply a natural byproduct. I am happy when I am content. Contentment comes from attainment. The key is to determine what my attainment is based on because that will determine if the attainment is eternal and true or if it is limited and false.

When I am body conscious i.e. forget who I am, I chase after limited attainment – respect, appreciation, name, status, title, position etc. So I chase after material accomplishments and relationships. Today, because respect was received, or a task was completed, there is happiness. Tomorrow, my expectations from a relationship don’t get met and I experience sorrow and disillusionment. It is conditional attainment that comes and goes based on whether the condition was met leading to a life of fear, insecurity, hopelessness and anxiety. In other words, a life of hell.

Baba reminds me that happiness is my birthright, it is not dependent on other people or accomplishments or circumstances. It is dependent on me. ‘You must experience happiness in your every thought, word and deed’, He says. It is up to me to take accountability for how I feel. If I want to experience peace and happiness, I need to become pure. Purity is the birthplace for peace and happiness. When I make my every thought, word and deed pure, I will experience happiness automatically.

Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone‘, He says.

This comes from practice. If I am expecting that with time, body consciousness will wear off on it’s own, I am mistaken. Seeing myself and others as souls is transformation I need to actively work on. Throughout the day, as I walk, talk, move around, do my chores, let me pay attention and remain in the awareness that I am the soul, not the body. In my cave of introspection, in the depth of silence, I step inward to touch base with my original qualities – peace and happiness are within me. I then move upward and connect with Baba. His love is the alchemy that transforms, that reminds me of who I am. His remembrance melts the alloy of body consciousness and returns me to my pure form.

The more pure I become, the easier it gets to renounce the old ways and imbibe the new ways. The power of remembrance helps me imbibe the jewels of knowledge I receive from Baba for the right way to be. My thoughts, words and deeds change, they become pure. They become those that don’t prick but instead give happiness to myself and others. They become compassionate and accepting. They become ones that inspire others, bring them closer to the Father.

Souls don’t cause sorrow to other souls‘, says Baba. This requires incognito effort and is all to do with the intellect, He says. When I transform my thoughts, I am retraining the intellect about right vs. wrong, elevated vs. wasteful. I am making the intellect divine again. Baba says, ‘when you had divine intellects, you experienced a lot of happiness; you were the masters of the land of happiness‘.

I have spent a lot of time in sorrow and now want to go to the land of happiness. That is up to me and the effort I am putting into becoming pure. Am I ready for heaven yet?

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