A divine intellect

Baba says, ‘the power of churning is nourishment for a divine intellect‘. You have to protect your intellect from waste thoughts.

The divine intellect along with a spiritual vision is the first gift that I receive when I come to Baba. It is, in fact, what marks the departure from the old life and a spiritual life. With a divine intellect decisions are always made accurately and automatically, without any effort, in every aspect for the self, for service and in relationships.  When there is an accurate decision through the divine intellect, then the self, service and the relationships become accurate and powerful on the basis of that decision.

A divine intellect means a ‘holy swan intellect’.  A swan means cleanliness.  It means to discriminate between milk and water or pearls and pebbles and to imbibe the pearls.  It knows that this is a pebble and this is a pearl and it does not imbibe the pebbles. This is why, in bhakti, the holy swan is shown as the vehicle goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge.  

The divine intellect is a vehicle. In fact, it is the fastest of all vehicles and the reason why it is referred to as the power of the intellect. It is with the power of the divine intellect that I can remember and travel to Baba and catch all powers from Baba. The power of science is able to show many wonders, but they are limited in nature. This is because that power is a perishable power of the ordinary intellect. The power of the divine intellect is an imperishable power. When I had just an ordinary/worldly intellect, I was only able to think about this world and matter, whereas now, with the gift of the divine intellect, I can actually do something about it. Rather than think about world peace or a better world, I am able to actually bring about transformation.

I can because the power of the divine intellect makes me a master almighty authority, the one with all the powers.  It gives me the experience of the recognition of God, a meeting with God and attainments from God. The power of the divine intellect makes the impossible possible in the way that I choose and as I choose. With the divine intellect I can experience a pure touching from God in every action and experience success in every action. The divine intellect is my canopy of protection against any attack of Maya. Wherever there is the touching from the Supreme, the pure touching where there is no mixture, it is impossible for there to be the touching of Maya or any attack. Maya cannot even come close to you, says Baba. Thus, every thought, word and action is guaranteed to be divine, to be pure. Thus, transformation happens.

This is why the divine intellect is also referred to as the Godly conscience. It is the gentle whisper that tells me what to do. But when I mix in the dictates of my own minds or that of others, or when I come under the influence of bad company or under the influence of any situation, then, I suppress or silence my conscience, my divine intellect. That is when I cry out and say: I didn’t want to do it but I did it. It happened against my will…’.

The way to constantly keep the intellect powerful and divine, in other words, the way to protect the intellect against the waste is to constantly feed it the divine knowledge that Baba gives me every day. When I use the power of churning to engage the intellect in going deep into the various points of knowledge, when I use it to experience my own elevated destiny, when I use it to stay in the awareness of who I am and Whom I belong to, then I keep it powerful.

The power of the divine intellect is an extremely elevated power, simply use it, says Baba. Based on the need of the time, use it with that method, and success will be in the palm of your hand.

In other words, when Baba is in the role of the Teacher, then the role of the Godly student is accurate and when I play that role, I experience success by being able to understand and imbibe the knowledge. Success is not something I chase after, rather, it is a natural result of a divine intellect. And, it is not ordinary/worldly success, it is divine. So rather than waste my precious time, effort and energy in hustling and chasing after things, let me focus on simply protecting my God given gift of the divine intellect and success will come to me.

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