Being lovefull like Father Brahma

Baba says, ‘along with being knowledgefull, you also have to be lovefull‘. That is when souls experience attainment and feel part of God’s family.

Having love for someone is to constantly have good wishes and pure feelings for them. But often, we don’t. Baba explains why this is by first explaining what true love looks like:

You have love for the Father in your heart, and the sign of that love in your heart is that that love cannot break, no matter how much someone creates a misunderstanding for you about the Father, or no matter what someone comes and tells you about Him. And when Brahma Baba gave a signal or teachings to make you move forward, where there is love, the teachings or signal for transformation do not create any misunderstanding. There has always been and there always will be the feeling that there is benefit in whatever Baba says. There has never been a lack of love. In fact, when there is a correction, children consider themselves to be even closer to the Father’s heart, feeling that this is the love of belonging. This is called the deep love of the heart that transforms feelings.

Similarly, there should be the same love in your heart for the family. There should be the method to change feelings. Only then will the balance between love for the Father and the family and between remembrance and service automatically be visible.

Become equal to the Father in this, says Baba.

Love is such greatness that whether I did something or someone else did something, there should be the same happiness experienced in both situations. When Brahma Baba became the instrument for the task of establishment, he made the children companions in service. Then, whether the children did and continued to do more service in a practical way than the Father, Baba still remained happy seeing the children move forward because of that love. Because of love in the heart, there could never have been the thought: ‘Why should the children go ahead in service when I am the instrument? It was I who made them instruments’. There was never this feeling even in his dreams. This is called true love, altruistic love, spiritual love.

He always remained cheerful in keeping the children as instruments at the front. Whether the children did something or the father did it, he never had any consciousness of ‘I’. There was never the feeling, ‘this is my task, my duty, my right, my intellect, my plan’. Love finishes this consciousness of ‘mine’. Whatever you did, I did, and whatever I did, you also did. These pure feelings and good wishes are said to be love in the heart.

Where there is love, you never feel ‘this is mine’ or ‘this doesn’t belong to me’. Where there is love, then no matter how ordinary the words spoken are, or with whatever right they are spoken, you don’t feel them to be like that. You would never feel, ‘why did they say this?’ A soul who has love for another will never assume anything about the one he loves: ‘maybe they really meant x or I’m sure their hidden motivation was y’. Because of constantly having faith in the one you love, even something said lightly to you would feel as though that one has said something with a purpose. You would not feel that to be useless or wasteful.

Where there is love, there will definitely be faith. If there isn’t love, there won’t be faith. So, to have faith and love for the family is said to be fulfilling Father Brahma’s desire. Just as Baba knows that you love the Father, similarly, you also have to claim the certificate of acting in a practical way with the same definition of love for the family. There has to be this balance, advises Baba.

When you don’t have this balance of loving the family as much as the Father, then, when you move forward in service, you yourself say, ‘there is Maya in service’, and, sometimes, seeing the atmosphere, you even say, ‘it is better to stay in remembrance than to do such service. Free us from all types of service and let us just sit in meditation’!

But, explains Baba, in fact, true service is something that makes you a conqueror of Maya, not something that brings Maya. So, why is there Maya in service?

The main reason for this is that there isn’t love in the heart; there is love according to my level of compatibility or preference for a particular soul. However, love in the heart creates a feeling of renunciation, there are no preferences. But because of your not having that, service sometimes takes on the form of Maya. And so such service cannot be accumulated in the account of service.

Even if someone becomes an instrument to open 50 to 60 centers, conducts workshops etc., there will only be that much accumulated as ‘true service’ as was done while being an embodiment of remembrance and free from Maya. Someone may have just two centers. It seems as if they are in-charge of only two centers, whereas another person is seen to be in charge of 50 centers. However, if even the two centers are free from obstacles and free from Maya, from any upheaval and conflict of nature and sanskars, if souls experience a sense of belonging to the Father and to the family, then much more is accumulated in the account of service of the one who has two centers than the one who has 50 centers.

‘Do not become happy thinking that you have done so much service, how much of that is free from Maya’?, asks Baba. When you continue to accumulate centers or activities as well as Maya, then such service is not accumulated in the Father’s heart. You might think that you are doing a lot of service, that you don’t go to sleep during the day or even at night, that you only prepare food once and eat that at night because you remain so busy. However, together with doing service, check, He says, if you are also remaining busy in Maya.

‘What happened? How did this happen? Why did they do this? Why did I not do this? This is my right’. Brahma Baba did not worry about his rights, says Baba. Service means that in which you are practically able to see the fruit of everyone’s cooperation and contentment. If you are unable to attain the fruit of the cooperation of everyone’s good wishes and pure feelings and contentment in a practical/visible way, then check what is the reason for that, He says. Why did I not receive that fruit? Did I serve with my heart or was I doing it based on selfish motives?

To increase such true service is to increase service, He says.

Do not just please your heart thinking that you are doing very good service. Please the Father’s heart and claim blessings from the hearts of the family – this is called true service. Superficial service is very big, but where there is service from the heart, it is based on love. This is called fulfilling Father Brahma’s desire for the family, this is called becoming equal to Father Brahma.

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