A great donor

Baba says, ‘there is a donor and then there is a great donor‘. You have to become a great donor.

To be a great donor means to give all the treasures you have received to all souls without any selfish motives – to be altruistic. Only a soul who is beyond any selfish motives can be a great donor. To experience happiness in the happiness of others is to be a great donor. Just as an ocean is full, limitless and constant (undiminishing), so you children too are masters of limitless treasures, says Baba. Be a great donor and continue to use for others all the treasures you have received. Constantly have deep love for all the souls who come into relation with you. The more compassionate you become, the easier it will be to show the path to wandering souls.

Baba reminds me that I have the biggest treasure of all, which is happiness. Continue to donate this treasure of happiness, He says.

Whoever you give happiness to will repeatedly give thanks to you. When you have given the donation of happiness to souls who are unhappy, they will sing your praise. Become a great donor in this and distribute the treasure of happiness. Awaken your peers and show them the path.

Now, according to the time, be a great donor and a bestower of blessings with your physical senses, He says.

With your forehead, remind everyone of his or her original form. With your eyes, remind them of their original land and show them the way to their kingdom. With your lips, clarify the knowledge of the Creator and creation and give them the blessing of becoming a deity from a Brahmin. With your hands, constantly be an easy yogi and give them the blessing of becoming a karma yogi. With your feet, follow the Father at every step and become a bestower of the blessing of accumulating multimillions at every step. In this way continue to give the great donation and blessings through every physical organ. Become a master bestower and consider yourself to be responsible for transforming situations, for making weak souls powerful and for transforming the atmosphere and attitude with your powers. Become a constant benefactor and have the thought of giving co-operation and the great donation and blessing of power. “I have to give! I have to do this! I have to change. I have to become humble!” Those who take the initiative in this are Arjuna. They imbibe the specialty of a great donor.

Now, become an embodiment of experience for all souls, He says.

Become a mine of special experiences and give the great donation of making souls embodiments of experience on the basis of your experience so that every soul becomes unshakable. You children must continue to distribute all the treasures that you have received from the Father, that is, you must be great donors, He says, anyone who comes to you should not leave empty-handed. All of you are companions for a long period of time and you also have a right to the kingdom for a long period of time. Be a great donor and a bestower of blessings for the weak souls and donate and perform the charity of giving them an experience. From the moment you came to the Father, you received the treasures of knowledge and powers. Use these treasures for yourself and others and your happiness will increase. Become a great donor in this. To be a great donor means that this donation continues constantly.

The greatest act of charity in Godly service is the donation of purity, says Baba.

To become pure and make others pure is to become a charitable soul, because this donation frees souls from committing the greatest sin of suicide of the soul. Impurity is suicide of the soul whereas purity is the donation of life. Give the great donation of becoming pure and making others pure and become a charitable soul. To be a great donor means to become spiritually merciful and give extra power to completely weak, hopeless and powerless souls. A great donor means to create hope in those that have become hopeless. Therefore, become a great donor and continue to donate powers, knowledge, virtues and all the treasures you have attained.

Let me check my stock today. Have I accumulated enough to be a great donor?

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