I am a son of God

Baba says, ‘consider yourself a son of God‘. Then, you will be happy.

Baba is God. He is incorporeal. He is also a soul like me but He is Supreme. He is Supreme not because of His size or form – He is also a point of light- but because of His qualities. He is the Ocean within a point. He resides in the soul world which is my home too and comes at this time, the confluence age, to this world to play His part in the Drama.

He is viceless because He does not come into the cycle of birth and death like I do and He always remains beyond the influence of the five elements. This is why He is constantly aware, He never forgets. Because He is firm in His awareness of Who He is, He does not suffer from attachments or greed or any of the other vices.

At the end of the cycle, He finds the world He created looking very different- it is no longer heaven, it is hell. Souls behave very different- they are no longer virtuous, they are vicious. They are no longer sovereigns, they are beggars calling out to Him for help. They have forgotten who they are and Him. He, because of Who He is, because of His nature, is pulled to the children to liberate them from their suffering. He doesn’t wrinkle His nose (so to speak) and think: well, that’s too bad, they messed up. I’m just going to sit up here. They’ll call out when they need something and then I’ll just give them a little something. I’ll just be ‘merciful’.

God doesn’t feel mercy for His children, He feels love.

He, the Ever Pure, comes to this impure world. He, the Incorporeal One, takes on a corporeal body. He does all this just so He can meet and speak to His children. ‘You are my long lost and now found child‘, He says, ‘you belong to Me’. He becomes my Father. He also becomes my Supreme Teacher teaching me about me: ‘you are not a body, you are a soul’, He teaches me. ‘And not just any soul, you are an elevated soul, a child of God‘. He becomes my Satguru and tells me the truth, the right way to be. He doesn’t just preach, He actually guides me at every step: ‘simply follow Me‘, He says.

I was an orphan before He came. He makes me belong to Him and gives me the tilak or the awareness of my sovereignty. ‘You are not a beggar, you are a sovereign‘. He reminds me of all my virtues and powers. ‘Simply consider yourself and remember Me alone‘, He says. Remembering Him reminds me of myself. He is my reference point for how to be. His love is the alchemy that mends the broken heart, removes all sorrow and transforms the soul from beggar to prince.

He teaches and empowers. He stands me up on my own feet again so I can take care of myself again, be myself again. He makes me worthy again. Helps me reclaim my lost inheritance.

In addition to being incoporeal and viceless, He is also egoless. He doesn’t advertise Himself and how pure or great or merciful or smart He is. He doesn’t even proclaim Himself as God! He doesn’t look at all the false gods, the self-proclaimed gurus and go on a mission to sue them or dismiss them. He doesn’t remind me of all the things He has and is doing for me, nor does He expect me to give Him something in return for it. He is the ONLY altruistic server who doesn’t even as much as accept a heartfelt ‘thanks!’ from His children. ‘I am just doing my duty, I am your Father‘, He says, ‘children don’t thank their Father‘. He is remembered not because He advertised Himself, He is remembered, revered and worshipped because of His nature, because of what He did.

I am the child of such a Father! Do I experience such intoxication and happiness?

If an orphan with no belonging or identity, playing with stones and mud were to find his father, he would immediately let go of the stones and mud – he has no need for that anymore. He would move in to his new home, adopt the new lifestyle and give himself a new beginning. As he grows up, he would learn more and more about his father’s biography and experience first-hand his way of being, his greatness, his generosity, his love. As a result, he’d become even prouder of his father but also realize and become more appreciative of his own fortune.

Baba knows I am His child and has accepted me. He loves me deeply and has told me so. Have I accepted Him? He is telling me about my unlimited fortune, am I still holding on to the stones and mud of the old world? ‘You are my son‘, He says. If I can feel it and say from my heart: ‘and You are my Father‘, my world changes.

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