Only remember the Father

Baba says, ‘connect your intellect in yoga with the one Father‘. We souls must only remember the Father.

The first thing Baba does when He comes is remind me of who I am and Whom I belong to. He also then tells me the story of the world, the story of heaven changing to hell. I am here to re-establish heaven, make this old world new. He asks me to join Him in this task.

We souls however, are caught up in a number of self-created webs of entanglement – relationships, titles, bank balances, possessions, awards etc. These are what I depended on for my sense of security and belonging. It comes from feeling a false sense of right over all of these, they are ‘mine’. And so when there are ups and downs, my internal stage also fluctuates between happiness and anxiety.

This is not just an exhausting way to live life, it is also a very ordinary life, says Baba. You are a child of God. Your life has to be elevated.

When I realize I am a soul, these dependencies no longer make sense, they are no longer needed, they disappear. This is why it is remembered: liberation-in-life in a second. But while we all remember we are souls, it is not an awareness that remains constant. If I think about it, it seems that if I experienced all those feelings of happiness, joy, success, security and belonging, I would stay in this awareness longer.

Baba says, ‘even while seeing and talking to others, keep your intellect in yoga with the One’.

This world is old, a jungle of thorns, says Baba. I know He’s right because I have experienced it. As I navigate every day, all the interactions, relationships, as I hustle, it feels as if there are more thorns and only an occasional flower. Its as if I am trying to make way through this jungle as I push aside one thorny shrub after another as I get pricked, as I bleed and hurt. The more I try to make way, the more I feel lost, there is confusion about what to do, how to do, why something happened, why I was treated this way etc. etc.

Only Baba comes and shows me the way out. When I consider myself a soul and connect my intellect with Him, I feel all those feelings I am seeking, I experience His love which fills the soul, mends the broken heart and puts an instant end to all the hustling. I have found that relationship, that love that I cannot find anywhere else. I experience purity that I don’t find anywhere else. Humans, even those rare ones that are good, go between good/better/best, they too have their moments, their biases etc. But Baba doesn’t swing between states, He is pure. Always. Same. Constant. No matter when I go to Him. He is also always available. So, if I learn to make Him ‘mine‘, He fulfills every need, every relationship. Then, there is no more a need for any other ‘mine’.

At this time in the cycle, you mustn’t be caught in the web of this world, He says. Everyone in this world has the five vices in them, so don’t look for perfection here. Don’t look for role models here…not at this time. Now, only God is my reference point. Only He is in constant realization, always soul conscious and therefore the ONLY one I should be modeling my life after. His Shrimat is His hand of protection over my head- they are His elevated directions that guide my every thought, word and action. Only follow Shrimat, He says.

When I do that, I transform to be more like Him…more like me, the way I really am. This is not a new way of living, He reminds me. You used to be like this…When I spin the discuss of self-realization constantly, I see that this is just the last part of my story. I was very different when I started, I was more like God and all I am doing is returning to that originality. I stop fluctuating and discover my self-worth which is all my own, not dependent on anything I do or own. I get out of the jungle, I don’t hurt myself. The senses no longer rule me, I guide them. I become a sovereign, my own master.

That’s how I bring the new world closer because now I relate to others differently, I don’t look through filters of old sanskars or biases, I navigate the world knowing I am a soul and that all are souls. This is how I help God in His task – through my own transformation, through my purity, through my freedom, through my sovereignty.

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