Holiest of the holy

Baba says, ‘you are becoming the holiest of the holy‘. You have to become holy even in your thoughts.

At the end of the cycle, the world is hell reflecting the quality of the souls living in it – impure and degraded. Souls have forgotten who we are and Whom we belong to. We have been thinking of ourselves as bodies rather than as souls and therefore indulging in impure, selfish, degraded and meaningless behavior based on body consciousness.

It wasn’t always like this though. The world used to be heaven back when I remembered who I am and behaved accordingly. I used to be myself i.e. pure and elevated, a divine being until, I forgot and handed the keys to Ravan. I went from being holy or pure to an unholy mess.

The Father, the Holiest of the Holy, comes to make me holy again. ‘You are not just holy‘, He corrects me, ‘you are the holiest of the holy‘. Now, sanyasis are called ‘holy men’ because they stay pure. But, here’s the thing. They do it by leaving home and all their responsibilities behind. They blame the world and everyone/everything in it for their impurity and decide that the only way to become pure is to leave the world behind. That’s not exactly a very ‘holy’ thing to do, not to mention, false. Besides, Baba says, purity is not just about celibacy. It is being both very elevated in my thoughts, words and deeds and also easy. Complete purity is about staying in the midst of impurity and serving it. That, is the ‘holiest‘.

He teaches me to walk the family path…the right way. ‘Stay at home, fulfill your responsibilities‘, He teaches me, ‘just learn to do it the right way‘.

The first thing I learn from Him is that I and everyone else are imperishable souls, not bodies. He then gives me His own introduction – He looks just like me, also a soul, a point of light but He is Supreme because of His qualities. He remains beyond the cycle of birth and death, beyond the influence of the elements and therefore is the only One who remains pure…always. He is the only One who is constantly in realization, never forgets Who He is, who I am or the story of the world. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Virtues, the Source of Truth.

In other words, there is never a time when He is not Holy, in fact, He is the only Holiest of Holy because no one else is the Ocean or constant. He comes when the world is at it’s worst, serves it and transforms it. He becomes my true Father, my true Teacher and true Guru who is there for me when I need help the most. He makes His children like Him by reminding us of our virtues, our powers, by teaching us to be soul conscious again. When I start to navigate through life from that consciousness, I live it very differently – free from expectations, limited desires, attachments, the desire to win and control and all the rest that are the bad odors of body consciousness. I go from vicious to virtuous living. I also, become the holiest of holy.

You have to be constantly in that awareness and become an embodiment of it, He says, as He teaches me to spin the discus of self-realization…

  1. Look at your eternal period, you are those who remain close to the Father in the supreme abode. You are the highest and you are close to and with Baba eternally.
  2. You also attain the deity or the divine status in the golden age, at the beginning of the cycle of the world. The time of the deity souls, the starting period is the most elevated; you are full of all attainments – in mind, body, wealth and people. Do you remember your deity life or have you forgotten it? Recall it very clearly.
  3. After this, come to the middle period. In the copper age, the non-living images of you souls are created, that is, you become worthy-of-worship souls. Within worship too, look how the deity souls are accurately worshipped, according to the system. Temples have been built to all of you.
  4. Now, come to the end, to the confluence age. You are the souls who are the highest-on-high Brahmins, the Brahmins who become angels.

So you are the highest and holiest eternally, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. Do you have as much intoxication?, asks Baba.

Sometimes, we confuse ego and self-respect and think that spinning the cycle, looking at my story is an egotistic act. It is not. This is not ego, but self-respect; I have intoxication with self-respect. I have been made aware of my destiny and my duty is to realize it and step into it. That, is the greatest service I can do to the world.

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