Supersensuous joy

Baba says, ‘you must constantly swing in the swing of supersensuous joy‘. Then, you become filled with all the attainments of the confluence age.

There is the praise that supersensuous joy is a blessing of the confluence age, that it cannot be experienced in any other age. The very specialty of being a Brahmin is to experience supersensous joy.

I spent half a cycle in pursuing joy through the senses. Whatever the eyes saw, the ears heard, the tongue tasted…that’s what drove me, that’s what life was about. I saw someone or something that looked attractive, I went after it. I craved to hear praise, loved to see that approving nod or that smile. If I didn’t, then it upset my whole day. My life was about limited attainments – the more I had, the more I wanted, there was never enough.

Remind yourself, says Baba, did it give you lasting joy or sorrow? or did it leave you feeling full and content or that you had to constantly chase, that you never had enough?

Now, I remember who I am and Whom I belong to. The soul had been separated from the Supreme Soul, the Beloved for a long, long time. Now, He has come and I don’t want to deprive myself of a single moment with Him. This is all the soul has ever wanted, the companionship of the Supreme. He is the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Peace and Happiness. All the qualities of the soul….He is the Ocean of it. And the soul wants to connect and emerge those qualities within itself again.

That is the objective of this short life in the confluence age. The resources of the soul are severely depleted and it is now time to rest and recharge in the lap of God. The interesting thing is, I cannot do it without the body. I cannot recharge while existing at home, in the soul world. Even though I’d be with God there, I’m not connected to Him. To even know that I need to charge myself and then to do so, I require knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge. I need the ability to plug in to God through remembrance. I need a body to both receive knowledge and to remember.

The body is therefore precious to me for being my vehicle and so I need to take care of it – feed it, have a roof, clothe it etc etc. That’s the extent to which I am connected to the body. Having a body, in turn, requires living in this world and performing action, interactions, etc. But I limit these to the minimum needed. That is the extent of my connection with this old world. I don’t leave it and move to the jungle but I don’t get over involved with it either.

While being in the body, I, the soul, experience being a bodiless being and connect with the Supreme Soul. While living in this old, chaotic, physical world, I experience the peace and sweet silence of my home, the soul world. This is the practice that takes me beyond the pull of the senses, beyond the attachments and brings me supersensuous joy.

Let go and you will become free‘, says Baba. Being bodiless while being in the body and living in the old world requires unlimited renunciation. That comes from faith in the intellect – in my aim, in God, in Drama and in the family.

My aim is to return to my original pure, powerful state. When I have firm faith in this, I renounce the many types of the consciousness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ that take away my purity and power by making me busy with chasing and hustling. Even service, Baba says, is to help create my stage, not deplete it. If I am overinvolved in service activities, if I am constantly thinking about my to-dos, then I am tying myself in bondage.

When I have faith in God, I follow His code of conduct and Shrimat because I realize that they protect me on my journey from the influences of the vices, of the old world. When I have in Drama, I am not caught up in questions of ‘why did this happen to me?’ or feel disappointment when things don’t work out as planned. I realize that Drama is on my side and even though I don’t see the benefit now, I will eventually. When I have faith in the family, I realize everyone is playing their part in the Drama and that they are all on their own journeys. This knowledge releases me from feeling shock or surprise when I see certain behaviors, it releases me from questioning why someone is the way they are…I instead am able to have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone and focus on myself.

In this way, I liberate myself from the many shackles holding me down. I become carefree, the feet of my intellect are able to lift off the ground and I fly. I am in the corporeal but there is no pull of the corporeal. It is the feeling of swinging in the swing of real joy, real freedom, real peace, real love that is not dependent on anything physical. It is fully my own, beyond the senses. It is supersensuous.

To experience this, is my birthright and I can only claim it at this time when I have the knowledge and the means to claim it. If, despite the knowledge and the company of God, I become attracted to the pleasure of the physical organs while moving along, it proves that I lack something in my experience of supersensuous joy. It means that I have the desire to experience it, but have not attained it. It means that I am still not an embodiment of the knowledge. I am a seeker like a bhagat, not a child.

It is yours, don’t desire it, claim it, He says.

By subjecting myself to attractions of one sense or another, I create an obstruction in experiencing supersensuous joy and happiness. Throughout the day, let me pay attention to the thoughts in my mind and to where my intellect wanders. I have to practice being able to keep the intellect stable in one place and not let it move or fluctuate. Whether it is battling old sanskars, a pull of a relationship or the many types of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, a lot of time is wasted in being unhappy, in being deprived of experiencing my birthright of supersensuous joy.

Let me also remember the responsibility of this time, what I have signed up for. I promised God to help Him in His task of establishment of the new world. If I am taking it easy in my life in the old world, just passing my time, then, am I really fulfilling my responsibility? As long as I am stuck in the old world either due to laziness and complacency or because I still falsely believe there is attainment there, I will never make the effort to claim my birthright. Unless I claim it for myself, I cannot help others claim it either.

There is a limited time, says Baba. You have to make the bargain now. Do you want to remain a seeker or be the child?

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