Become soul conscious

Baba says, ‘you definitely have to make the effort to become soul conscious‘. This is the main effort you have to make and it is in this effort that there are obstacles.

After a full cycle of being in the physical world of which the last half was spent wandering, it is time to return home. Baba comes to take His children home. In order to go back home with Him, I need to become a point. In other words, I need to merge all the expansions of this world- the relationships, the roles, responsibilities, dependencies, bondage of sinful actions, illness etc., put a full-stop or a dot and leave.

So what is the strategy?

If I were to think of the expansions as branches of a tree, I could think about cutting away each branch one by one but that would be too time consuming and unnecessary effort – today I work on the branch of relationships, tomorrow on the awareness of the body etc. However, if the remember the Father, the Seed, the tree will burn away in the fire of love all at once. If I cut them off, the branches could grow back but if I burn them, they are gone. Then, all that remains is the soul, the point, the seed. Then, I can return home with the Father, the Seed.

So, what are some ways in which I can remember the Seed to burn away this tree of expansion?

The first thing to practice, Baba says, is being separate from the body which is the main trunk of the tree of expansion. I, the soul, have to constantly and repeatedly experience being detached – not on the basis of knowledge that ‘I, the soul am separate from the body’, but actually experience myself as separate from the body. I experience that I am wearing this bodily costume. I came into this world naked- as a point of light, I have to leave the same way. This body is simply one of many costumes I got to wear during my time here, it is not me. In a second which is all the time I will have, I have to take off the costume and leave. So, I practice slipping in and out of the costume in a second. As I walk and move around, I experience myself as separate. I, the tiny point of light, am wearing this rather large costume! I experience coming and sitting lightly on my throne in the center of the forehead. I don’t battle and think that I have to become separate, I am separate.

The next thing is to use the gift of the divine intellect I have been given by the Father to constantly experience being with Him whether in the subtle region or in the incorporeal world. I am returning home and so I get used to the idea. I spend just the minimum time I need to in this old world to perform the necessary duties, then immediately leave. I don’t linger around. As soon as I have a few minutes, even between chores, I leave for either the home or the subtle region. I experience being a resident there.

I practice speaking less and accumulating the power of silence. This power will help me rise above the bondages of the world – beyond the attractions and vices of the world, says Baba. I will experience myself to be light and able to fly easily. I experience always being with the Father, high above, that I am flying with Him, that we are always together. Introspection is the foundation of the power of silence. When I step inward and touch base, I connect with my original nature. I then move upward and connect with the Father.

All through the day, I have activities I engage in but the key is to always remain in the awareness that I am now to return home with Baba. That makes my stage unshakeable in service, I know better than to create new bondages or accounts. I don’t get lost in expansion, I pack up.

Always remain stable in the stage of the essence, says Baba. This enables others to experience that form as well. I am a soul, a tiny point of light. I came to this physical plane to play my part in the unlimited drama. Now, the drama is ending and I, the actor am taking off the costume and merging all awareness of the part and am returning home. The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav! children, become soul conscious‘.

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