To love is to be equal

Baba says, ‘transform the loving form into an equal form‘. Then, you will never be separated from the Father.

In the world there is a popular notion that the person you love ‘completes’ you. That is both an unrealistic and an unfair expectation to have of the other. Baba comes and dispels this myth. No one can complete me, I have to become complete myself. To expect another human being to complete me is to lower their value, make their existence about me. Also, it is not love. It is dependence or attachment where I attach people to me like accessories to a computer… to ‘complete the experience’.

The most visible form of love is to be equal.

This is how our aim of this study, Lakshmi and Narayan, are in the golden age. They don’t ‘complete’ each other, they are both individually complete. And therefore, they are able to share with each other. They relate to each other as equals, as partners. But at this time in the cycle, there is no Lakshmi or Narayan, says Baba, so don’t go looking for one.

At this time, the soul is reunited with it’s only true Beloved, the only One Whom it really ever loved, the only One Whose companionship it ever sought. It is reunited with the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Beloved.

We all believe that we love Baba but then so did Meera. She is shown as having deep love for Krishna but then she spent her days singing his praise and longing for his company. Her love was more devotion for the beloved where she never aspired to be like him, she was content worshipping him. This is not the love Baba inspires.

Then, there is love where I stand at a distance and look on at the Beloved. He inspires awe within me, I think He’s the best, the greatest. I admire His qualities but I simply look on from a distance…never daring to come close. There’s always some other awareness – either of the bodily relations that I feel pulled to, or of the old sanskars that I believe make me unworthy, or of the physical comforts that I am dependent on or something else. They diminish my courage to come close to the Beloved. I waste my time thinking of Him, looking at Him but don’t do much more.

True love is where I dare. I know it is my right. I am confident. If there is anyone in this entire world that has a shot at being close to the Father, at being His equal…it’s got to be His children. He has and continues to tell me every single day that I am just like Him. When I step inward and touch base with my own destiny, I see my elevated form. When I connect with Him, His love, His power charges the soul and I emerge my own qualities. When I apply His directions into my practical life, I see the transformation. There it is…I can see shades of Him within me. I spend time with Him- listen to Him, observe how He operates and follow. He is my reference point and I dare to copy.

Sometimes, I am equal to Him in my thoughts, sometimes, even in words but when it comes to relationships, that’s where I usually fall short. But I cannot be soul conscious in some cases and body conscious in some cases. I am who I am everywhere. Let me always remain in the awareness of who I am, of Whom I belong to.

Let me not settle for being ‘in love‘ or ‘loving‘. That doesn’t get me a seat at the table. Let me be His child, His equal. I am not just co-operative in His task, I don’t just speak about Him or sing about Him… I step into the arena. His task is my task. I am equally responsible. Yes, He has the blueprint for how to get it done but I am His face in the world. How am I showing up? Am I showing up with the confidence of being His child? with the confidence of being one who is going to change the world? Do I stand firm in my values, in my original sanskars in the face of storms? or do I crumble? do my physical senses still manage to influence me or am I beyond? Am I setting the new rules of the new world i.e. following Shrimat or am I following the worldly rules?

When I love, I am brave. Nothing can come between me and my Beloved, we are inseparable. We are constantly connected- in thoughts, words and action. I don’t succumb, I don’t cave, I don’t let my determination weaken and give excuses when I step into the world. I don’t say things like: what can I do Baba, my karmic accounts are so strong!… I will change Baba, I am trying…nor do they spend time battling: should I do this or that?….will I be successful or not?….I don’t allow disagreements, difference of styles or opinions with service companions or family members get in the way of my progress. I harmonize, I reconcile, I accept….I love. And because I have imbibed His teachings and made them mine, I ensure that He will be with me throughout the cycle, not just at this time.

What the whole world including the sanyasis think is impossible has already become possible – I have recognized God, I have attained His companionship. While the whole world is seeking Him, He came to where I was and made me belong to Him. He took my hand and became part of my destiny. That was the part beyond imagination…that has already happened. He already thinks of me His child, as His equal…that’s how He relates to me. Now, the question is, have I accepted His reality as my reality? Do I dare to love Him the way He loves me? Have I taken His hand as He has mine?

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